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First Aid for Motorcycle Accidents

, – Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries to loss of life. In fact, the emergence of fatalities could have been prevented if first aid could be provided at the scene as soon as possible. But unfortunately there are still many ordinary people around the location who do not know how to provide first aid to victims of motorcycle accidents.

As additional knowledge, you can actually learn how to first aid in motorcycle accidents, you know. So, if at any time you see a motorcycle accident or someone closest to you has experienced it, you are ready to provide first aid while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.

The first thing that needs to be done is to prepare a first aid kit and always have it in the trunk or vehicle seat. The box should contain bandages, bandages, disposable gloves, cleaning tissue, scissors, tweezers, pain medication, antiseptic cream, wound wash, and a clean plastic bag.

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Furthermore, you must be able to understand what the accident victim experienced. In this case, what kind of injuries did the victim suffer. Generally, victims of motorcycle accidents can experience various types of conditions, such as bleeding, fractures, sprains , burns , or fainting.

Increase your knowledge about these various conditions by reading the informative articles provided on the website . If you think something is unclear, you can download and use the application to ask the doctor via chat , which you can do anytime and anywhere.

Well, based on the types of conditions experienced by motorcycle accident victims, here is the first aid that can be given:

1. Bleeding

Bleeding is a condition that quite often occurs during motorcycle accidents. If you see any part of the victim’s body bleeding, try to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. This aims to prevent blood loss.

Before starting to treat the bleeding body part, wear disposable gloves provided in the first aid kit, to minimize transmission of infection. Then, you can stop the bleeding that occurs by pressing the injured area, by first wrapping it with cotton or a bandage.

If blood still penetrates through the bandage, cover it again with cotton wool or bandage while continuing to press it until the bleeding stops. Also pay attention to the area around the wound. Sometimes there are objects stuck in that area. If there is, never try to take it out or squeeze it. Leave that part to the medical team when it arrives.

As first aid, you can press the left and right sides of the area where the object is embedded, then wrap gauze or a clean cloth around the area of the wound as a barrier so that the object that is stuck does not move. After that, you can wrap it with a bandage.

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2. Burns

Burns that occur in motorcycle accidents are usually caused by skin contact with exhaust or other hot objects. The first aid that can be done for this type of wound is to cool the wound with running water (not ice water) for 20 minutes or until the pain disappears. Do not apply creams, ointments, or oils to the wound.

The next step, loosely wrap the burn in clean, transparent plastic. While the burn is being cooled down, warm the victim’s body with a jacket to avoid the risk of hypothermia .

3. Sprains

Sprains occur when ligament fibers are torn. In a motorcycle accident, the victim usually sprains his ankle. This condition can be seen from the swelling and pain in the area that is sprained. First aid that can be given for this condition is:

  • Relaxes sprained limbs.
  • Apply ice water to the sprained area to reduce swelling. If you only use ice cubes, make sure the compress is not too long because it can damage the skin tissue.
  • Position the injured part higher than the heart to reduce swelling.

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4. Broken Bones

First aid for fractures that can be done is:

  • Do not move the part with the fracture until medical help arrives.
  • Do not give the victim any food or drink.

5. Fainting

Fainting can occur when blood circulation is impaired, resulting in reduced blood supply to the brain. When a motorcycle accident victim experiences fainting, the first aid that can be given is:

  • Lay the victim on a flat surface. Raise your legs to heart level, then unbutton the collar or loosen the belt.
  • If after one minute the victim is conscious, do not immediately tell him to sit or stand to prevent fainting again. However, if during that time the victim has not regained consciousness, immediately contact medical assistance.
  • Check the respiratory system is still working or not. If you don’t feel any breaths or chest movements, give rescue breaths or CPR ( cardiopulmonary resuscitation ).
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