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Fast 800 Diet, Effective to Lose Weight Fast

, – Many people have started to pay attention to their overall health. This can be seen with the many new diet methods that have been initiated. That way, now there are many choices of eating patterns to lose weight according to the wishes of those who want to do it.

One of the diet methods that are widely discussed and are said to be effective for weight loss is the fast 800 diet. This method is said to give quick results to someone who does it. Then, what are the steps and what food choices should be consumed? Here’s the discussion!

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Effective Fast 800 Diet Lose Weight

What you should know is that the fast 800 diet is a digital lifestyle program that is made personally with healthy food at its core. It is said that this weight loss method can reduce weight up to 9.9 kilograms every eight weeks.

In addition to losing weight, a person may wish to improve their daily diet. With this meal plan, everyone who does it can adjust their lifestyle habits in a healthy and sustainable way.

According to Dr. Michael Mosley, the essence of the fast 800 diet is to extend the time of fasting at night. This diet is carried out in 12 weeks with the consumption of very low calorie foods. Therefore, this diet is thought to be able to substantially lose weight and reverse the type 2 diabetes disorder in the body.

The approach to the fast 800 diet is challenging, and requires determination, planning and focus. However, the results felt for weight loss and increased blood sugar were very appropriate. Weight loss can reach 10-20 percent, depending on a person’s initial weight.

There are three different levels to get the most out of a fast 800 diet. You should limit yourself to 800 calories per day for 12 weeks. After that, you will continue to apply the 5: 2 method and Mediterranean planning. Here’s the explanation:

Stage 1

At this stage of the 800 fast diet, you will be consuming 800 calories of food and drinks which are done every day for two weeks. This should lead to mild ketosis which is associated with burning fat in the body.

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Stage 2

At this stage there is a 5: 2 method, which means 5 days of healthy eating and two days of fasting. So, the 800 calorie per day method is carried out in these two days and you have to fast for 14 hours overnight. Currently, it is recommended that you eat less processed food and cook more at home.

Some of the foods that you must eat are more vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains and nuts. In addition, you also have to eat fatty fish and milk. Even so, the consumption of sugar must be really reduced as it is with carbohydrates that come from flour.

Stage 3

The final stage of the fast 800 diet is Mediterranean-style planning for someone who wants to maintain a healthy body. You have reached the weight you want, so keep that weight. You must eat foods that are low in sugar and carbohydrates in small amounts.

Benefits of the Fast 800 Diet

In addition to getting the ideal body weight, there are several other benefits that you can feel when running this diet pattern. Here are some of the benefits of the fast 800 diet:

  • A person on a Mediterranean diet has a 30% percent lower chance of losing their life due to a heart attack or stroke. In addition, it can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 50 percent.

  • Another benefit that can occur is that type 2 diabetes that attacks can be easier to treat with this method. With decreased body weight, blood sugar in the body is easier to process.

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Many people who want the ideal weight and are confused about how to start it. Therefore, you can ask your doctor about the right method of losing weight. It’s easy, you only need to download the application on the smartphone you are using.

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