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Face Shape Determines Personality, Really?

, – Sometimes, if you only glimpse someone’s face, the face seems to be round. However, if you look closely, everyone has a different face shape! According to Jean Haner, an expert in reading faces and author of The Wisdom of Your Face , the shape of a person’s face tends to reveal one’s basic personality and overall approach to life. Let me not be curious, here is a person’s personality based on their facial shape.

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  1. Rectangular Face Shape

Someone who has a rectangular face can be seen clearly through the shape of the forehead and chin which is firmer and tends to be broad. People with this face shape are considered good thinkers, but often think too much ( overthinking) .

A person with a rectangular face usually plans in certain ways and rarely talks about their feelings. To overcome the inner tension caused by their overthinking , someone with a rectangular face tends to like to exercise.

  1. Round Face Shape

A round face is characterized by a wide, full hairline below the cheekbones. The owner of a round face is the kind of person who is giving, kind and always puts others first. As a result, owners of such personalities tend to put the interests of others first, so they don’t get what they need.

This kind of mentality runs the risk of being taken advantage of by narcissists. Even so, someone who has a round face shape can still change it by realizing that they are someone who is an exaggerated giver and always puts other people first.

  1. Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape is characterized by being wide in the middle and narrowing towards the forehead and chin. It refers to someone who likes to take control and wants something in a certain way. They are also detail-oriented, so they often produce quality work.

They are among those who are good at their words and communicate well. However, they also often spit out sharp words, so that not a few people misinterpret them.

  1. Oval Face Shape (Oval)

Oval faces are characterized by a long, wide shape with a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones. This person always knows all the right things to say, so they can make other people feel welcome and comfortable. However, sometimes they are too focused on saying all the right things, so it is difficult to argue or become anti-criticism because they feel they are always right.

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  1. Square Face Shape

This face shape is characterized by a broad hairline and jawline. It usually refers to someone who is always passionate and enthusiastic, so most of these people like to take on big projects because they have great stamina.

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  1. Heart Face Shape

The face shape of the heart is actually almost similar to the shape of a diamond face. A heart shape is characterized by a wider forehead and a narrower chin. A person with this face shape has tremendous inner strength but can be stubborn because their mind is too strong.

These people can coerce and control others if they have a specific purpose. They also have strong intuition, like inner knowledge, so they know when to move.

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  1. Pear Face Shape (Triangle)

The triangular face shape is characterized by a narrower forehead and a broad jaw. The owner of this face usually wants to be responsible. The narrower the forehead at the top of the head, the more responsible they feel.


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