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Exercise or a Fast Diet to lose weight?

, – Losing weight may be an easier thing than reducing weight. The reason is, slimming down your weight requires greater effort, because you not only lose weight, but also shape your body to be slimmer.

Everyone has their own way to slim down. Some choose a diet and some choose just exercise. So, which one is more effective for slimming down? Is it diet or just exercise? This is what you need to know.

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Exercise or Diet Faster?

It is common knowledge that reducing calories than the body burns is the key to the most effective weight loss. Because, burning calories through exercise without regulating the number of calories intake seems less effective for weight loss. However, it’s different when you want to slim down. You can’t just rely on diet or exercise.

To slim down, you need to combine diet and exercise. reducing calories through diet and burning calories through exercise can maintain an ideal body weight. When you lose weight through a strict diet alone limiting 400 to 800 calories a day, chances are that you will gain weight back quickly.

Exercise can help you maintain weight loss. Launching from the Mayo Clinic shows that people who lose weight and maintain it in the long run do regular physical activity. Now, when your body weight is more ideal, of course you will find it easier to slim down by focusing on doing sports to slim down.

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Exercise to Streamline the Body

Besides diet, exercise is one of the keys to losing weight. Here are some types of exercises that are effective in reducing weight:

1. Plank

Plank is one of the exercises that focuses on reducing the stomach. This exercise focuses on working the core muscles that help stabilize the spine. Plank exercises also have various variations, namely the two-handed plank, oblique plank, reverse plank, one-handed plank, and one leg plank. All types of planks have their respective functions depending on which part of the body you want to shape.

2. Push Up

The perfect form of push-ups can support the whole body while burning lots of calories. It is one of the best and most common exercises because it is able to train the body in a functional movement pattern, helping to improve performance in other exercises in the gym as well as in everyday life.

3. HIIT interval

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is also one of the best exercises because it can burn more calories in less time than long, slow resistance training. Try incorporating this exercise into your workout routine at least twice. You can choose one of the cardio equipment, such as ellipse, jumping rope, treadmill, bicycle, etc. every time you exercise.

4. Step Up

Step-ups are up and down exercises that look simple but have considerable benefits. It’s one of the best exercises to target the gluteus and hamstring muscles to create stronger legs and firmer glutes. Step-ups also target the quadriceps because they require you to straighten your knees each time you step on them.

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Those are some exercises that you can try to lose weight. Before doing diet and exercise, it is better to discuss it with your doctor first , so that the diet and exercise you are living are really safe. Through the application , you can contact your doctor whenever and wherever you need it.

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