Exercise during menstruation, is it okay?

– Menstruation is not an easy phase. In addition to fluctuating moods, the Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) phase is also often accompanied by headaches, stomach cramps, back pain, body aches, and breast pain. That’s why some women prefer to rest than exercise. However, is exercise during menstruation recommended? In order to know the answer, consider the following explanation, let’s go. ( Recommended Exercise Dosage for Staying Healthy )

Exercise during menstruation, is it okay?

PMS symptoms often interfere with activities. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Because, without realizing it, exercise during menstruation can reduce PMS symptoms. How come? This is the reason.

1. Reduces PMS Pain

Exercise during menstruation can reduce stress and improve blood circulation, so that PMS pain can be reduced. This is evidenced in a study published by the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. The study reports that people who regularly exercise during menstruation are less likely to experience stomach cramps and headaches than those who don’t.

2. Make Relax

Apart from reducing pain, exercising during menstruation can also make you more relaxed. This is because when you exercise your body will continue to produce endorphins, which are hormones that play a role in reducing pain during menstruation. As a result, reduced pain during menstruation can make you more relaxed and comfortable to carry out your daily activities.

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3. Increase Energy

On the first day of menstruation, it’s a good idea to rest. But after that, you can start exercising. Even though it’s not easy, you have to try it. Because, this exercise during menstruation can improve blood circulation and activate the heart muscle. So, this can increase energy and help overcome menstrual fatigue.

4. Improve Menstrual Cycle

If your menstruation is not smooth, you can handle it by exercising. Because, exercise can help improve blood circulation which can improve your menstrual cycle.

So, what sports can you do during menstruation? Here are some types of exercise you can do during menstruation:

  • On foot . Besides being able to deal with pain, walking can also reduce stress, lose weight, increase endurance, prevent osteoporosis, and prevent diabetes. If walking is less challenging, you can replace it with running. In order not to become dehydrated, you need to provide drinking water to accompany your running activities.
  • Yoga . This is a sport that can relax the body and mind. However, there are some movements that you need to avoid during menstruation. Such as wax stance, head posture on feet and foot posture on head. Because, this movement can increase the volume of menstrual blood that comes out.
  • Dance . You can do this sport at home or by taking special classes, such as zumba classes. In addition to relaxing, body movements when dancing can also increase joint flexibility, burn calories, and reduce menstrual pain.
  • Cycling . This exercise can improve blood circulation to all body muscles, so that it can reduce pain during menstruation.

If you are not used to exercising, you can start with light exercise such as walking. Do sports that you really like and can do, at least 20-30 minutes per day. Don’t forget to pay attention to your health condition. Because, without good physical condition, the benefits of exercise that you get will be less than optimal.

To make you more sure, you can ask your doctor about the benefits of exercise during menstruation. You can use the Contact Doctor feature in the application to ask the doctor anytime and anywhere via Chat, Voice Call , or Video Call . So, let’s download application now on the App Store and Google Play. ( 6 Exercises That Are Good to Do During Menstruation )