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Excessive Exercise Can Make Insomnia, This Is The Reason

, – Sports is an activity that has many health benefits. Starting from maintaining body weight, to helping the body’s metabolism remain optimal can be felt as a positive impact of regular exercise. However, you should do good exercise preparation so as not to cause side effects.

Here are 5 Effects of Sports Too Heavy

Pay attention to the type, time, and duration of exercise you will do to maximize the benefits of exercise. Too much exercise in fact can also have an adverse impact on the body. This condition is known as overtraining syndrome, which can increase the risk of insomnia for those experiencing it.

Exercise and Insomnia

When exercising, of course everyone needs enthusiasm and motivation to do it. However, being too excited when doing sports can cause you to experience overtraining or overdoing sports .

Excessive exercise can actually have a bad impact on health. One of the effects that can be experienced due to excessive exercise is sleep disturbances or insomnia. Then, why can this condition occur? This is because when you exercise, there will be an increase in body temperature so that the body will produce sweat to normalize body temperature. This process is what turns out to make a person experience more difficulty sleeping.

Not only that, excessive exercise can also trigger fatigue. Fatigue is a natural thing after exercising, but when fatigue doesn’t disappear after you rest, then this can be a sign that you have overtraining syndrome .

Unresolved fatigue can increase insomnia. When you experience fatigue, it will be easier for you to experience other conditions, such as anxiety or stress disorders. This is what worsens the insomnia experienced.

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Side Effects of Excessive Exercise

Not only insomnia, it turns out that excessive exercise can increase the risk of health problems in the body . Someone who experiences overtraining syndrome will actually experience a decreased appetite accompanied by weight loss. In fact, when you exercise properly, this habit can be done to maintain good appetite, so that the body gets good nutrition and nutrition for exercise.

Lack of nutrients and nutrients when exercising will cause the body to use up energy reserves. This condition can increase the risk of various health problems, such as anemia. In fact, in women, this condition can affect the menstrual cycle every month.

Excessive exercise can also cause muscle tension and pain. This condition can increase the risk of injury during exercise.

Do this to overcome the side effects of excessive exercise

Use the app and ask your doctor directly if you experience some symptoms related to overtraining syndrome or excessive exercise. Do some of these ways to restore health conditions:

  1. When you experience signs of excessive exercise, you can try to do massage so that your physical condition and mental health can relax.
  2. Don’t forget to fill your fluid needs every day so that your body’s health condition can recover quickly.
  3. Reduce and stop for a moment from the physical activities you do. Take a break for a few days, until your body condition gets better again.

Exercise is also healthy for the brain, how come?

Those are some ways you can do to overcome overtraining syndrome . Don’t forget to keep up your nutritional and nutritional intake by eating healthy foods while exercising.

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