Diet and Nutrition Lymph gland

Excessive Diet Can Cause Lymph Node Disorders

– Diet or adjust the diet is good to help lose weight. However, this will only work if it is done the right way. Unfortunately, not a few people want to lose weight in a short time. This can lead to an excessive diet. In fact, this can be dangerous, one of which causes swelling of the lymph nodes .

Reporting from the Drugs page , lymphadenopathy or swollen lymph node disease occurs when small tissue lumps in the body swell. These tissue lumps are spread over the area behind the earlobe, under the jaw, one part of the neck, one part of the groin, and on the top of the collarbone.

Excessive Diet and Swollen Lymph Nodes

So, what is the relationship between excessive diet and swollen lymph nodes? Lymph node problems often occur due to viral or bacterial infections, such as colds, inflammation of the tonsils, infections of the throat, skin (cellulitis), teeth, and ears. Lupus, measles, rubella, syphilis, and HIV / AIDS are the causes of swollen lymph nodes which are rare.

Diet, This Needs Calories the Body Needs

When you are on a diet that is excessive or it can be said to be extreme, there are many effects that can be felt by the body. First, you lose nutrients that are very important for the body, as written on the Healthline page .

In the end, this will make you more likely to experience malnutrition, because the practical diet that is excessive often cuts out the food groups that are important for the body.

Then, the USNews page explains that an excessive diet will also make you prone to dehydration . Louis J. Arone, a specialist in internal medicine and obesity at New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell said, every weight lost in the body is not from fat, but from water.

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This is because when you limit calories or carbohydrates or both, the main source of energy that the body burns long before fat is glycogen. Glycogen is a form of carbohydrate that is stored in the liver and muscles, and is attached to every gram of water.

As a result, the body’s immunity will be weakened and diseases are easy to attack, especially diseases that occur due to bacterial or viral infections, such as swollen lymph nodes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the intake of nutrients that enter the body so that the body remains healthy and avoid various diseases.

Follow the Right Diet

Everything that is excessive is clearly not going to give good results, diet is no exception. You may be able to gain the weight you want in a short time, but your health is disturbed. Not only malnutrition and dehydration, excessive dieting can make your metabolism slow down, resulting in fatigue and mood swings.

Treatment Options for Swollen Lymph Nodes

In conclusion, different body conditions, there will be different types of diets that can be lived. If you want to start a diet, you should first ask a nutritionist what diet suits your body.

It doesn’t take long, you can immediately download and access the application on your cellphone to ask questions from a nutritionist . Now, comfort in health checks is only through your hand.

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