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Endometriosis Cause Intimate Relationship Painful, Here Are the Tips

– People living with endometriosis know for sure how this health problem causes excruciating pain and affects menstruation, mental health, fertility, sex life and much more. Endometriosis is tissue that is similar to the inner lining of the uterus or endometrium, but grows outside the uterus.

Usually, endometriosis grows on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, pelvic tissue, bladder, gastrointestinal tract or less often in other parts of the body. During the menstrual cycle, this misplaced tissue acts as if it was in the uterus, which is damaged and bleeds, but the body has no way to shed it, thus triggering inflammation.

Endometriosis Causes Painful Intimate Relationships

Inflammation that occurs as a result of endometriosis not breaking down causes cysts and scar tissue to form. Usually, when experiencing this disorder, a woman will feel severe cramps, heavy menstruation, fatigue, uncomfortable bowel movements, and even difficulty getting offspring, aka infertility . If you are one of them, immediately make an appointment with a doctor to get treatment. Use the app now to make appointments at any hospital much easier.

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One of the effects that occurs when you have endometriosis is excruciating pain when having sex, although this condition does not always occur in every woman with endometriosis. This is because the penetration that occurs during intercourse can stretch, pull, or push the wrong endometrial tissue, so that pain cannot be avoided.

The severity of the pain can vary depending on a number of factors, including how deep the penetration is, when intercourse takes place, and where the lining of the endometriosis is. If nerves, ligaments, and tissues are stretched during intercourse, the pain can be very significant and often lasts several days after intercourse.

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Psychological factors also play a role in the pain. When a person has endometriosis, the body begins to equate sexual stimulation with pain, and this makes the pain even more uncontrollable. In the long run, this response can lead to decreased libido and reduced vaginal lubrication, making intercourse more difficult.

How are tips to make intimate relationships more enjoyable?

Then, how to make intimate relationships for people with endometriosis more enjoyable? Here is the review:

  • Communicate with your partner, so that your partner knows how your condition is every time you have sex. Your partner also helps find the best solution to reduce the pain you experience.

  • Trying different styles, for some women, being in the top position compared to the bottom one can help reduce the pain as they control the penetration.

  • Find the right time, because knowing when the pain you are experiencing increases and when it decreases can help you determine the time for sex that is really fun.

  • Use lubricants, because a dry vagina is a common cause of painful intercourse.

  • Change the focus, not only how to have an orgasm, but focus on how this intimate relationship becomes so exciting for you and your partner.

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Intimate relationships should be fun to do, and if one is experiencing pain, this activity will no longer be exciting. So, the method above can be done so that intimate relationships can still be fun for both wives and husbands.

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