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Don't take it for granted, these 5 jokes include sexual harassment

, – Have you ever met people whose hobby is throwing jokes with sexual overtones? Usually, to break the ice or just to shake the stomach, certain people like to throw jokes that have a sexual overtones. In fact, not a few women are uncomfortable with jokes like that, you know. Did you know that joking with sexual overtones is a form of verbal sexual harassment , you know. This should not be taken lightly. Come on, find out more here.

According to Komnas Perempuan, sexual harassment refers to acts of sexual nuance that are conveyed, either through physical or non-physical contact, where the targets are parts of a person’s sexual body or sexuality. So, sexual harassment can not only be done physically, but can also be non-physical or it is also called verbal abuse. The following are examples of verbal sexual harassment:

  • Sexual comments about a person’s body.

  • Sexual dirty jokes.

  • Spread rumors about other people’s sexual activities.

  • Talking about one’s own sexual activities in front of other people.

Verbal sexual harassment is often not recognized by the victim, because it is not a physical act. This type of harassment also does not attack the victim directly, but it hurts self-esteem and can bring a great deal of shame. Not only that, sexual harassment is initially limited to words, it can also encourage the perpetrator to go further by physically harassing him. This happens because victims are usually not aware that these words are part of sexual harassment, but are only considered as jokes. The casualty of the victim’s response even further invited the bad intentions of the perpetrators.

Know the Types of Sexual Harassment and How to Deal with Them

Therefore, it is very important for women to be aware of which jokes are considered sexual harassment. Jokes that are included in sexual harassment are jokes that contain the following elements:

  1. Flirt, joke, or ask questions of a sexual nature that are unwanted or make the other person uncomfortable. For example, “After washing your hair, here? What were you playing last night? ” or “How many times have you worked with your husband? So tired for sure. “

  2. Sexual pejorative jokes.

  3. Insulting jokes about someone’s sexuality or sexual orientation .

  4. Sexual jokes about a person’s physique, appearance, or clothing.

  5. Sending sexual jokes or images by email or other means of communication.

So, what to do if you feel harassed? There really isn’t the same way of responding to harassment. Every situation is different, so you need to evaluate the problem and decide the best response to take. What is clear, do not ignore harassment just like that, because the perpetrator will never be deterred and has the potential to become even more.

Never once in a while blame yourself for the problems that happened, because this is not your fault. Place the blame in its place, namely the person who has abused you. Blaming yourself can also lead to depression and it won’t help you cope with the situation, but will only make it worse.

Can Experiencing Harassment Cause Personality Thresholds?

Here are some ways you can respond to harassment jokes:

  • Express your dislike for sexual jokes made by the offender in a firm manner.

  • Avoid friends who often joke about sexual things.

  • Do not respond through expressions that show that you feel comfortable with things related to sexuality from the people closest to you, because that is the initial stage of verbal sexual harassment.

If you are being harassed, don’t just stand still. Tell the closest person about the thing that you just experienced. This method can help you get support, so that the bad experience does not become a pressure on your mental health.

Women Should Do This When Experiencing Sexual Harassment

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