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Don't take it for granted, these 5 jokes include sexual harassment

, – Have you ever met people whose hobby is throwing jokes with sexual overtones? Usually, to break the ice or just to shake the stomach, certain people like to throw jokes that have a sexual overtones. In fact, not a few women are uncomfortable with jokes like that, you know. Did you know that […]

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This is the Impact of Verbal Violence in Ospect on Youth

, – Recently, viral video ospek or the introduction of a new student campus life (PKKMB) online which is held by one of the faculty of the state university in Surabaya. The video shows snippets of new students (maba) who are yelled at by their seniors. The reason is, the new student was scolded for […]

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Know the Difference Between Social Phobia and Shyness

Social anxiety disorder and shyness or perhaps social phobia do have a great deal in common. If you’ve been labeled as shy, have you thought this might be something even more significant? Because social phobia is not just a serious sense of pity. You will find some basic differences that have to be understood. Lots […]