Diabetes Diet and Nutrition Gout

Diabetes and gout both need to adjust the diet

 , – As we get older, it cannot be denied that some diseases will easily come. Usually, these diseases are the accumulation of a poor diet, although other lifestyles can also affect them too. Diseases that are thought to occur due to a poor diet are diabetes and gout. If diabetes occurs due to eating […]

Diabetes Pregnancy Tetralogy of Fallot

Diabetes while Pregnant Increases Risk of Tetralogy of Fallot

, – During pregnancy, the mother should fulfill the nutritional and nutritional needs needed so that the development and growth of the fetus in the womb can run optimally. In addition, don’t forget to always check the fetal health condition regularly at the doctor. Mothers can also do blood tests , one of which is […]


Is it true that honey is safe for consumption by diabetes sufferers?

, – People who suffer from diabetes are advised to avoid consuming foods or drinks that have a sweet taste, especially those that contain a lot of added sugar. Because, this disease occurs due to increased blood sugar levels which can occur due to the habit of consuming excessively sweet foods. So, what about honey? […]

Diabetes Eclampsia Preeclampsia Pregnancy

Can Gestational Diabetes Get Eclampsia?

, – Pregnancy is a sacred moment for some people, so it must be really maintained. One of the things you can do to protect it is to always eat healthy foods. Even so, it turns out that a pregnant woman may experience problems, one of which is gestational diabetes. This disease is the same […]

Diabetes Radial Neuropathy

Diabetes Can Trigger Radial Neuropathy, Here's The Explanation

– Have you ever heard of a neuropathy called radial neuropathy? In the medical world, radial neuropathy is also known as an injury of the radial nerve or radial nerve dysfunction. Radial neuropathy is inflammation of the nerves or disorders of the radial nerves. This condition usually occurs in the lower elbow or upper arm. […]

Diabetes Toddler Growth

Diabetes Can Target Your Little One as A Baby

, – Diabetes, or better known as diabetes, is common in adults. However, it is possible for children, even newborn babies. When experienced from birth, diabetes will last a lifetime in the body. In order for sufferers to stay healthy and have activities like normal people, proper care is needed. Here are the characteristics of […]

Diabetes Endocrine System Disorders Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus Triggers Endocrine System Disorders

, – The endocrine system consists of a number of different glands that secrete hormones to regulate the work of cells and organs in the body. The hormones produced by the endocrine system help the body regulate growth, sexual function, mood, and metabolism. The endocrine system is responsible for regulating many body processes. One example, […]

Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Type 1 and 2, Which Is More Dangerous?

, – Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease caused by blood sugar levels from insulin secretion problems. Generally, blood glucose levels are tightly controlled by a hormone produced by the pancreas or called insulin. When blood glucose levels increase, which can occur after eating, the pancreas will release the hormone insulin to normalize glucose levels. […]

Diabetes Heart attack

Diabetes Cause Heart Attack, Here's the Reason

, – Diabetes is known as a health disorder that is prone to “invite” other diseases, including heart attacks. Diabetes occurs due to increased levels of sugar in the blood. This disease is prone to causing various complications, apart from heart attack, diabetes can also trigger stroke as a complication. The United States National Heart […]


Diabetes due to genetic factors, this is the way to overcome it

– Diabetes is synonymous with a disease that attacks parents. This condition occurs when the body is no longer able to process blood sugar which is absorbed from food into energy, resulting in a buildup in the body. Yes, as we get older, some of the body’s functions will decrease, so that the body becomes […]