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Diabetes Occurs when Pregnant, What Causes it?

, – During pregnancy, mothers need to maintain a good diet and lifestyle. The goal is to avoid pregnant women from various health problems that can be experienced, one of which is diabetes. Yes, diabetes is not only a risk for someone who often consumes foods with excessive sugar intake, pregnant women are also prone to diabetes, known as gestational diabetes.

Pregnant Women Have Diabetes, What To Do?

Gestational diabetes is diabetes that often occurs during pregnancy. Unlike diabetes in general, gestational diabetes will disappear on its own when the pregnancy is over or after labor. Generally gestational diabetes appears at 24 to 28 weeks of gestation.

Know the Causes of Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, of course, the mother experiences many changes, one of which is hormonal changes in the body. There are various conditions caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy, such as the appearance of acne, changes in breast shape, and diabetes that pregnant women are prone to experience.

Launching the Mayo Clinic , gestational diabetes is diabetes that appears during pregnancy, which is thought to be due to hormonal changes in the body. During pregnancy, the placenta in the uterus produces more hormones, such as the hormone estrogen, human placental lactogen, and a type of hormone that makes the mother more resistant to insulin. Lack of insulin in the body increases glucose levels in the blood which causes pregnant women to experience gestational diabetes.

Yes, this condition is actually almost the same as diabetes in general. When the body does not produce insulin properly, it can cause glucose levels in the blood to increase. Don’t worry, with proper handling this condition can certainly be overcome so as not to endanger the mother and the baby in the womb. That way, pregnant women should know the early symptoms of gestational diabetes.

Thirst, dry mouth, increased frequency of urination, and the body always feel tired are the first symptoms of gestational diabetes. Immediately do an examination at the nearest hospital to ensure the health of the mother and baby in the womb. Beforehand, make a doctor’s appointment via the app to make examinations easier.

Can Gestational Diabetes Get Eclampsia?

Gestational Diabetes Prevention

All pregnant women can develop gestational diabetes. However, there are several groups of pregnant women who are at risk of experiencing it, such as having a previous history of diabetes, having a history of hypertension, having had a miscarriage, having a family history of diabetes, and having given birth to a baby weighing more than 4.5 kg before.

Gestational diabetes can be prevented. Launching Medical News Today , here are simple ways to prevent gestational diabetes in pregnant women, namely:

1. Healthy Diet

We recommend that you avoid foods that contain artificial sweeteners and also foods that contain bad fats. There is nothing wrong with eating lots of vegetables, fruit, and other nutritious foods so that pregnant women avoid gestational diabetes.

If you want sweet foods, you should choose foods that contain natural sweeteners. Mothers can also ask obstetricians through applications about healthy food for pregnant women.

2. Sports

Regular exercise can be done by pregnant women to avoid gestational diabetes. This is done because the levels of glucose or blood sugar in the body will be converted into energy during exercise. Do exercise when the body is healthy and choose to do light exercise, for example, taking a leisurely walk or pregnancy exercise.

3. Routine Content Checkup

Carrying out regular checks at an obstetrician has many benefits for mothers and babies in the womb, one of which is to find out what health problems are experienced early. During a womb examination, the mother can also do blood tests to ensure normal blood glucose levels.

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Those are some ways you can do to prevent gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes that is handled early can certainly keep the health of the mother and baby in the womb optimal.

However, conditions that are not treated properly increase the risk of complications to health, such as being overweight at birth, premature birth, or babies born with hypoglycemia, which can cause the baby to have seizures.

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