Diabetes Radial Neuropathy

Diabetes Can Trigger Radial Neuropathy, Here's The Explanation

– Have you ever heard of a neuropathy called radial neuropathy? In the medical world, radial neuropathy is also known as an injury of the radial nerve or radial nerve dysfunction. Radial neuropathy is inflammation of the nerves or disorders of the radial nerves. This condition usually occurs in the lower elbow or upper arm.

This radial nerve runs down the lower part of the arm and controls movement of the triceps muscle, which is located on the back of the upper arm. In addition, the radial nerve is also closely related to the wrist and fingers. This nerve also controls sensation in the hand.

The question is, what causes this condition? Is it true that diabetes can trigger radial neuropathy?

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Inflammation and Fluid Resistance

Injury to the radial nerves can cause radial neuropathy. Radial nerve injury can be caused by several conditions. Starting from physical trauma, infection, or even exposure to poison. A person who has this condition may experience numbness, tingling, or burning pain.

Worryingly, this radial neuropathy can cause weakness or make it difficult to move the wrist, hand, or finger. Then, is it true that diabetes can trigger radial neuropathy?

Basically, certain health conditions that affect the entire body can damage nerves. For example, kidney disease or diabetes. How come? According to experts, diabetes can cause inflammation, fluid retention, and other complaints. Watch out, this condition can cause nerve compression. Well. This is what the edges can affect the radial nerves or other nerves in the body.

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Not Just Questioning Diabetes

It should be emphasized that diabetes is not the only condition that can trigger radial neuropathy. because there are various other conditions that can increase the risk factors for radial neuropathy.

According to experts at the National Institutes of Health – Medlineplus, damage to one group of nerves, such as the radial nerves, is called mononeuropathy. Mononeuropathy means that there is damage to a single nerve. Causes of mononeuropathy include:

  • Frequent arm injuries.

  • A disease throughout the body that damages one nerve.

  • Direct injury to nerves.

  • Long-term pressure on nerves.

  • Pressure on the nerves caused by swelling or injury to nearby body structures.

  • Broken arm bones and other injuries.

  • Lead poisoning.

  • Long-term or repeated constriction of the wrist (for example, wearing a tight band).

Radial neuropathy occurs when there is damage to the radial nerves, which travel to the arm and control:

  • Movement of the triceps muscle behind the upper arm.

  • Ability to bend wrist and fingers back.

  • Movement and sensation of the wrist and hand.

Watch for Symptoms

  • Abnormal sensation in the hand or forearm (back of the hand), the side of the thumb (radial surface) of the hand, or the fingers closest to the thumb (second and third fingers).

  • Difficulty straightening the arm at the elbow.

  • Difficulty bending your hand behind your wrist, or holding your hand.

  • Numbness, decreased sensation, tingling, or burning sensation.

  • Pain.

  • Weakness or loss of finger coordination

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Now, if you experience the symptoms above, immediately see a doctor to get the right treatment and medical advice.

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