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Depression Symptoms and Signs That You Must Know

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2012 explained that depression is a global disease experienced by humans today. There are about 350 million people who experience both mild and severe depression. There are 800,000 people who lose their lives each year as a result of this.

Meanwhile in Indonesia alone, there are 2 million cases of depression per year and this continues to increase from year to year. In general, depression is a mental health disorder characterized by a mood that feels constantly depressed or a loss of desire for activities.

Well, it is not impossible that this depression is also experienced by you. Before progressing to more severe mental disorders, it is important to know the symptoms of depression from an early age because depression symptoms are very complex and vary from person to person.


Despair and helplessness to live are common symptoms of depression. In everyday life, this will make someone lose hope for anything. Other feelings include a person feeling worthless, self-loathing, and feeling guilty. Someone often even asks questions like, “All my fault?” or “What’s the point?”

Losing Interest

Depression will make a person lose pleasure in the things they love. Loss of interest or withdrawal from activities that were previously preferred. Another thing is depression causes a person to lose interest in having sex with a partner. If they have sex, they will experience impotence.

Excessive Worry

Anxiety and excess worry go hand in hand when a person is depressed. These symptoms can range from nervousness, anxiety, feeling tense, like panic, fear, fast heart rate and breathing, sweating, trembling, to difficulty focusing or thinking clearly on something.

Fatigue and Insomnia

The reason to stop doing the things you love is because of fatigue. People with depression often experience extreme fatigue. This fatigue also occurs due to insomnia. In bed, people with depression will think about nonsensical things so that it is difficult for the eyes to close and anxiety will arise.

Loss of Appetite and Weight Loss

To find out the symptoms of someone’s depression, weight and appetite are two things that can be used as markers. This will suddenly decrease when you are depressed due to a loss of interest in doing anything, including eating.

Easy to get angry

Both women and men can experience depression. However, a study shows that men who have depression are easily irritated and angry. Well, their escape tends to things that are risky, namely drug abuse and fighting.

While the physical characteristics and signs include moving or speaking more slowly than usual, aches and pains in certain parts of the body that cannot be explained. The social effects of someone who is depressed include not doing well at work, avoiding contact with friends, and experiencing difficulties in home and family life.

Depression often ends in suicide. Data from the cente rs for Disease Control and Prevention (2013) in the United States shows there 42,000 more people chose to end his life. But before that, people who want to end their life usually talk about this to their closest people.

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