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Decreased Appetite for Children, Caution with Kencur?

, – Kencur is an herbal plant that has a distinctive aroma. This type of spice has a myriad of health benefits for the body. Can kencur increase children’s appetite which is decreasing?

Content of Kencur which is Beneficial for Health

Kencur can increase children’s appetite, really?

A child who does not have an appetite will definitely make mothers very worried. This usually only lasts temporarily, so the mother doesn’t have to worry too much. If your little one doesn’t finish food or it’s hard to eat, the mother shouldn’t force him. Mothers only need to follow the wishes of their children and know when to eat.

Children do not have an appetite for food, which is normal, but mothers must continue to monitor the intake of nutrients into their little one’s body. Do not let their nutritional needs not be met. If this happens, your little one will experience malnutrition, so that his weight will drop dramatically. Moreover, if your little one’s weight continues to decrease, your little one will automatically be susceptible to disease.

If the child’s appetite continues to decrease, the mother can use natural kencur ingredients to help restore the little one’s appetite. In this case, the mother can grate kencur and squeeze the kencur until it produces. If you notice that your little one is starting to find it difficult to finish his meal, you can try this natural ingredient to restore his appetite.

Increase Children’s Appetite, Here Are 5 Benefits of Kencur

Other Benefits of Kencur for Health

Apparently, not only can it be used as an appetite enhancer for your little one. Here are 6 other benefits of kencur for body health:

  • Overcoming Diarrhea

Kencur has many anti-bacterial and cytotoxic properties that can treat diarrhea problems in children. Not only is it effective in overcoming diarrhea , kencur is also believed to reduce symptoms of stomach pain.

  • Overcoming Ulcer

This herbal plant is believed to be able to treat ulcers. To overcome this disease, kencur can be consumed directly. If kencur is consumed after cooking, it will reduce the nutrition from the kencur itself.

  • Overcoming Pain

Your little one is fussy because you experience pain all over your body, toothache, joint pain , and headaches? Try kencur to fix it. In this case, the mother can use kencur as a rubbing oil or consumed directly.

  • Overcoming Inflammation

This herbal plant has anti-inflammatory properties that are suitable as medicine when there is inflammation in certain areas of the body. In addition, kencur can overcome fever and rheumatism .

  • Overcoming Cough

To overcome a cough with phlegm, mothers can mix kencur juice with salt. In addition to relieving cough with phlegm, kencur can also be used as a natural ingredient to maintain the health of the throat and vocal cords.

  • Warm the body

Kencur has a warm taste, because of the essential oil content in it. This oil has analgesic properties that can warm your little one’s body. If your little one has a fever, try to give kencur so that the little one’s body temperature is maintained.

Tips for Processing Kencur to Overcome Diseases

Kencur is indeed a natural ingredient from nature which has a myriad of health benefits. However, before the mother gives it to your little one, you should first discuss with the doctor in the application whether this material is safe to use for your little one to avoid complications that could occur.


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