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DEBM Diet Makes Mood More Happy, Here's the Trick

, – When you hear the word ‘ diet’ , maybe what you have in mind is a way to lose weight which requires reducing the portion of food to a minimum and avoiding delicious food. However, not all diets are torturous. DEBM which stands for Happy Happy Fun Diet can help you lose weight in a fun way.

The DEBM diet, which was initiated by an Indonesian named Robert Hendrik Liembodo, attracted enough attention from the public because it was motivated by the success story of Robert himself who managed to lose tens of kilograms of body weight. This diet is becoming more and more attractive because it still allows people to eat well, even though they rarely exercise.

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Get to know the DEBM Diet

Quoting the results of an interview conducted by Tempo, Robert admitted that he had experienced significant weight gain several years ago, from 78 kilograms to 107 kilograms. However, after following this diet method, his weight dropped back to 75 kilograms. In addition, Robert also admitted that he felt the health benefits, namely that his asthma had never recurred since undergoing the DEBM diet.

Unlike other diet methods, the DEBM diet allows you to eat well without having to exercise. You can consume protein and fat sources that contain salt, even flavoring ( MSG ). However, instead, you are encouraged as much as possible to avoid consuming carbohydrates and foods that contain sugar.

The low-cost diet is basically similar to a low-calorie diet in general, which limits the consumption of foods containing carbohydrates. DEBM considers that carbohydrates are one of the reasons a person is overweight. This is because carbohydrate foods contribute quite a lot of calories to the body, especially when consumed too much.

So, if you want to try this diet method, you need to avoid the following types of carbohydrates:

  • Rice.
  • Noodles and pasta.
  • Sweet food.
  • All food made from flour.
  • Roots (potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and beets).
  • Fruits that contain high sugar levels (bananas, papayas, melons and watermelons).

Only carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index are allowed to be consumed, which the body processes more slowly, so that you feel full longer. Recommended sources of carbohydrates such as carrots, beans, and green vegetables. That too can only be consumed during the day.

As a substitute for carbohydrates, DEBM dieters are encouraged to consume animal protein in the morning and evening to meet their energy needs. Kambu is free to consume any type of protein and sources of fat, such as fish, chicken, meat, eggs, and even offal.

These high protein foods can also be cooked in any way, from roasting, boiling, to frying. However, Robert gave a condition not to add sugar, soy sauce, honey and other sweeteners to food.

Choice of High Protein Sources of Food

DEBM Diet Tricks

Even though it is called a powerful diet method for weight loss, a low-carb, high-fat diet such as low-cost high-fat diet has the potential to cause side effects. Drastically reducing carbohydrate consumption can make you experience headaches, fatigue and lethargy, muscle aches, bad breath, and constipation.

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Some researchers reveal the health risks that can occur from this diet method:

  • High cholesterol. Some protein sources, such as fatty meats, dairy products and other high fat foods can increase cholesterol, putting you at risk for heart disease .
  • Kidney problems. If you have kidney problems, following a high protein diet such as the low risk diet can put a strain on your kidneys, which can worsen kidney function.

So, if you are interested in trying the DEBM diet, it’s a good idea to discuss it first with a doctor or nutritionist to find out whether the diet is suitable and safe for you. A nutritionist can also help you develop a diet menu to make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables, and get low-fat protein foods.

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