Comfort Tips and Benefits of Having Intimate Relationships at Dusk

, – There is a view that sex is excited and its benefits can only be obtained by couples in their 20s or 30s. Older couples no longer need sex. In fact, according to health data published by the Help Guide , quality sex in old age can have a positive impact on older couples.

Some of the significant benefits obtained include improving mental and physical health, burning fat, and causing the brain to release endorphins which drastically reduce anxiety and express feelings. Check out more about the benefits of sex in old age below!

Maintaining Harmony

Having sex is one way that can be done to maintain domestic harmony. Not only does it make you and your partner happy, but having sex also has good health benefits. Especially if you and your partner have entered old age.

Some have commented that sex is only for young couples, even though as mentioned earlier, sex is actually something that is recommended for older couples. Several studies have confirmed that staying intense having sex in old age can make couples avoid coronary heart disease.

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Not only that, maintaining quality sex even though you are elderly can also reduce stress levels to be lower and increase self-confidence. So, how do you keep sex safe, comfortable, and of quality? Here are tips that can be done:

  1. Communication

Before having intercourse, it doesn’t hurt to communicate first with your partner. Talk about fun things. Of course having sex at an old age will feel different when compared to when you are still young and fresh.

Talk to a comfortable partner like what. If you feel your partner has decreased passion, talk it from heart to heart. Don’t let this ruin your relationship. Sometimes certain diseases actually cause decreased sex drive.

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  1. Innovation in Relationships

If you have been married for a long time, you and your partner should innovate in intimate relationships. This aims to keep domestic relations warm. In addition, by doing innovation, you and your partner will not quickly feel bored with sexual activity.

  1. Orgasm

Don’t hesitate to talk about trying to get you and your partner to have an orgasm. Not only provides satisfaction, orgasm actually provides health benefits, including preventing heart disease, prostate cancer, strengthening the immune system, and eliminating migraines.

  1. Get in a Safe and Proper Position

Problems that are often encountered in older couples during sex are fatigue and back pain. We recommend that when going to have sex, you and your partner talk about a safe and appropriate position. This is so that you and your partner avoid back pain or other injuries.

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In old age, you can try to do a spooning position that is perfect for older couples. It cannot be denied that stamina plays a very important role in maintaining safe and quality sex. Stay healthy by including 30-45 minutes of exercise every day and maintaining a healthy diet.

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