Cholesterol in Pregnant Women, What's the Harm?

, – Many couples are looking forward to getting pregnant with their female partners. When this happens, you really have to maintain health for the survival of the fetus that is being conceived. Therefore, the food intake consumed must also be maintained.

One of the disorders that can occur in pregnant women and the danger is high cholesterol . Even though in fact, this content is needed by the body to keep a pregnancy healthy. However, what dangers can occur when pregnant women experience high cholesterol? Here’s the complete discussion!

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Dangers of Cholesterol in Pregnant Women

Did you know that high cholesterol levels are needed during pregnancy? This is useful for making steroid hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone which are very important for maintaining the health of pregnancy. Cholesterol is useful for the growth of limbs and brain in the fetus.

Cholesterol levels can increase naturally in the second trimester, reaching a peak in the third trimester. After that, the womb will return to normal after four weeks from giving birth. So, don’t be surprised to check your cholesterol level remains high after giving birth.

Pregnant women must know safe cholesterol levels to maintain the health of their babies. The bad cholesterol (LDL) level must be less than 100 mg / dL and the good cholesterol (HDL) level must be greater than 60 mg / dL. In pregnant women, their cholesterol levels will increase by 25-50 percent, but the HDL levels will increase more.

What are the possible dangers that can occur when cholesterol is too high in pregnant women? High cholesterol levels in pregnant women can cause pregnancy-induced hypertension. At a severe level, these disorders can cause disruption to the life of the baby and the mother. Low cholesterol can also cause premature birth and low birth weight.

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Another danger of high cholesterol in pregnant women is the inherited impact on the fetus, either in the womb or at a later date. Children whose mothers have high cholesterol levels before becoming pregnant are more likely to have hypertension as adults.

Therefore, when conditions are still normal, doctors will prescribe statin drugs to reduce cholesterol levels that are too high. Even so, this drug can actually cause abnormalities in the physiological development of the baby. The doctor will really consider the benefits and harm to the mother and fetus.

If you have questions regarding the dangers of cholesterol in pregnant women, doctors from ready to help. The trick, you only need to download the application on the smartphone you are using! In addition, you can also make online orders for fetal examinations at several affiliated hospitals .

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It is important to limit the consumption of cholesterol-lowering drugs

Taking into account the impact of cholesterol on pregnant women, it is highly recommended that you lower these levels quickly. You have a higher risk of causing complications if you have hypertension before becoming pregnant. This method can make the risk that occurs decrease dramatically.

However, these women are advised to stop lipid-lowering drugs for at least 3 months before trying to become pregnant. This can allow the medication to disappear completely so that it is not left in the blood early in pregnancy. This 3 month period is called the cleaning period.

This is because cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as statins and ezetimibe, can cross the placenta and can harm the baby who is in the fetus. Although the risk is small, these drugs should not be considered safe to take during pregnancy.

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