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Children Start Adolescence, How to Start Sex Education?

– Having children who are already teenagers certainly makes every parent nervous. Seeing children fall into promiscuity becomes a nightmare that you can’t even imagine. Therefore, as early as possible, start giving sex education to children. This is because sex education is also one of the responsibilities of parents.

Although perhaps the basics of sex and reproduction education are covered in school lessons, children may not understand it. Especially when faced with difficult choices about sex. That is why, parents must play a role to strengthen and complement what children have been taught in school about sex education.

The Right Age to Start Sex Education in Children

Start Adolescent Sex Education This Way

While it is often difficult to avoid the topic of sex, when parents and teenagers need to talk about it, it is not always easy. Here are some tips to help you start a discussion about sex as well as give your children understanding:

1. Take advantage of a moment

When you are watching TV or watching videos on the internet with your child, then suddenly there is a discussion about responsible sexual behavior, take advantage of that moment. Start the discussion by asking what the child thinks about it, or is there anything confusing him or her. Then, slowly enter the understanding you want to convey.

2. Talk to The Point

Being straightforward and to the point might be a good choice when describing sex to children. Especially if you and your children have often discussed many things. Explain clearly about how risky sex is, how to avoid it, and what dangers lurk.

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3. Be honest

Give an understanding of sex to children honestly, without giving a dramatic spice. If a child’s question is difficult to answer, offer to find or look for the answer together, while continuing the discussion.

4. Consider the Child’s Perspective

Many parents may still rely on scare tactics to prevent their child from engaging in sexual activity. For example, by telling her not to swim with male friends because it could potentially make her pregnant.

Do not be like that. Provide true facts and information about sex to children. However, do not also lecture this that. Understand that in adolescence, of course, there is a huge urge to start to emerge about sex, as well as worry about many things. Understand his feelings and explain them with a clear mind.

5. Welcome Every Child’s Question

You certainly don’t want your child to seek answers to questions and curiosity from misleading sources, right? So, if your child asks questions about sex, don’t dismiss them for being awkward or for any reason. Welcome the question. If necessary, thank you for asking you as the parent.

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Because, that means the child believes and thinks of you as a place to ask any questions when confused. So, if your child asks about sex, invite him to discuss it. Give the correct understanding and tell him that you love him, so of course you will not lead him astray.

Stand as a parent who understands the child the best and the most he can trust. That way, children will grow up to be sexually responsible adults someday. Then, what if the child doesn’t seem interested in what you have to say about sex? Do not give up.

Keep saying and giving him understanding, because he might listen. If you are having trouble giving your teen a proper sex education, don’t hesitate to ask the psychologist on the app .

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