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Child Abuse is Fatal to Health

, – The child abuse case again happened to a boy with the initials YM in Depok. It is known that this child had to undergo intensive care at the hospital due to injuries from the torture by his own caretaker TN (19). The persecution took place at YM’s own home while her parents were away. The authorities said that at this time the perpetrator had been secured for legal proceedings.

Abuse or violence against children often occurs and is generally carried out by people close to the victim. Abuse both physically and verbally, of course, has a negative impact on children, both physically and psychologically. Check out the explanation, here!

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The Impact of Violence on Child Development

Brain development from infancy to children takes place quickly. A child who has received bad treatment such as abuse and severe mental stress can affect the brain’s stress response. This can make children less adaptive. Violence against children is also linked to a number of health problems in the future. The following are some of the health problems that can arise, including:

  • Emotional, cognitive, and social abilities are out of balance.

  • There are difficulties in language or communication.

  • Talking problems may arise.

  • Slow brain development and even disruption.

  • Increased risk of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, liver disease, heart disease, and cancer.

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Negative Impact on Mental and Physical Children

Each child’s response to physical and verbal abuse will be different. Some children have long-term effects, while others recover more quickly and easily. Although recovery can occur quickly, there is still some trauma as a result of the bad treatment. The following are some of the negative impacts that can affect children’s mental health due to violence, including:

  • Avoiding the social environment (can occur from childhood to adulthood).

  • Difficulty controlling emotions.

  • Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and often remember past trauma.

  • Difficulty concentrating.

  • Sleep and eating disorders.

  • Tend to injure yourself.

  • Have a high risk of developing depression and anxiety disorders.

  • Have thoughts of or even attempt suicide.

Meanwhile, physically, children who are abused are generally reluctant to tell their injuries because they feel threatened. If the perpetrator finds out, there is a concern that the violence will be more severe. However, if the wound is left unchecked it can cause various complications for the child. Therefore, parents must always be vigilant and provide supervision to children.

Identification of the wounds of abuse is difficult. The reason is, sometimes the perpetrator of the persecution attacked an invisible part of the body. So, if the child appears to have bruises, bruises, burns, and sprains, so that it is lame and has difficulty sitting, parents should immediately ask. It could happen because there are indications that the child is receiving bad treatment, either from peers, or from older people.

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Every parent must have longed for the best for their children, especially health and happiness. Violence against children is a very dishonorable act. This can hinder development and cause mental disorders in children. So, parents must always be vigilant because child abuse can occur even from the closest person. If a child suddenly depressed and did not want to talk, there’s no harm in contacting a child psychologist for advice medsi necessary.

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