Pedophilia Psychology

Characteristics of People with Pedophilia that Need to Be Known

, – Pedophilia is a mental disorder that makes sufferers have sexual attraction towards children. In people with pedophilia, who are generally men, the area of the brain that processes sexual responses will be aroused by children’s faces. What are the characteristics of people who have pedophilia?

Normally, when adult men find an adult woman sexually attractive, they will subconsciously lower their tone of voice and alert them to a display of strength and masculinity. Meanwhile, when they are dealing with young children, they will tend to raise their voice tone.

However, instead of showing the typical response of a normal male when looking at a child, a pedophile’s brain triggers a sexual response, much like when looking at an adult woman. Not the response to protect and nurture like parents.

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Medically, pedophilia is described as sexual fantasies, impulsive desires, or behaviors that involve repeated sexual activity with minors for at least six months. In most cases, a person can be considered a pedophile if he / she is at least 16 years old and at least five years older than the minor.

Some Common Features of Pedophiles

Here are some common characteristics that can be seen from a pedophile, as people with pedophilia:

1. Tends to be Aligned, But Aggressive when Confronted

Some individuals with pedophilia are able to present themselves as psychologically normal members of society during investigations or momentary encounters. However, they have a severe personality disorder behind all of these outward appearances. People with pedophilia generally experience feelings of inferiority, isolation or loneliness, self-distrust, internal dysphoria, and emotional immaturity.

In addition, pedophiles have difficulty interacting with other adults who are age-appropriate. Mainly because of the lack of assertiveness they have, increased levels of passive-aggression, and anger or cruelty.

These behavioral characteristics make it difficult for them to handle painful influences, resulting in overuse of self-defense mechanisms by means of intellectualization, rejection, cognitive distortion (eg, manipulation of facts), and rationalization. Even so, it is possible that people with pedophilia can get married.

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2. Generally Have Special Physical Disabilities and Left Handed

A recent study by the University of Windsor in Canada shows that pedophiles tend to be left-handed and have minor facial defects, known as Minor Physical Anomalies (MPAs). The results suggest that certain aspects of neurodevelopment can influence a person’s risk of predisposition to pedophilia.

The group of men who were identified as pedophiles were more likely to have minor facial and head defects than the other group of men who were not pedophiles. These facial and head anomalies include separating ear lobe, low or deformed ear shape, wrinkled tongue, curved fifth finger, third toe longer than second finger, large distance between big toe and second finger, and roof of the mouth. that is high or too sloping.

In addition, a number of previous studies have found that people with pedophilia tend to have IQs 10-15 points lower than average. They are also generally 2.3 centimeters shorter than the average male.

Facial defects tend to develop due to the lining of the main embryonic tissue that forms the main nervous system during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy . These facial defects, which are more common among men, are usually caused by prenatal exposure to viruses, alcohol or drugs, complications of pregnancy, or malnutrition.

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The findings from this study also revealed that the majority of pedophiles were left-handed, consistent with a number of past studies. Hand dominance is decided very early in life and is a direct result of pre-natal cognitive development, 30 to 35 percent of pedophiles are left-handed.

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