Caution, Do not Get Genital Warts because of Intimate Relationships

– Remember, STDs, aka sexually transmitted diseases, are not only about syphilis, gonorrhea (gonorrhea), genital herpes, or HIV . Of the many STDs, you should also be aware of genital warts. This disease can occur in both men and women.

In women, this disease can appear inside and outside the genitals. Meanwhile, for men, these warts can appear on Mr. P or the area around Mr. P. However, it should be underlined that this sexually transmitted disease can cause itching, pain, and even burning. Make you nervous, right?

Gegara Virus

According to gynecological obstetricians, although they do not cause death, genital warts can cause a huge psychological burden. Not only that, if not handled properly, this disease can also cause side infections. Then, what causes this disturbing condition?

In fact, a virus called human papilloma virus (HPV) is the culprit. This virus can be transmitted when a person makes contact between skins when he has sex with an infected person. Be careful, said the expert, the risk of contracting this disease is 66 percent. That’s why it’s no wonder that genital warts are a common sexually transmitted disease.

According to experts, it is easy for someone to contract genital warts is influenced by various factors. For example, having sex with more than one partner without protection, being sexually active since adolescence, having sex with other people whose sexual life is unclear, and having had a history of previous sexual infections. In addition, the use of sex toys that have been exposed to HPV can also cause this disease.

According to experts, although they can appear around the genitals, there are times when these warts can also grow in the mouth, even the throat. How come? The trick, through oral sex with someone who has contracted HPV.

But what needs to be watched, these warts are mostly small and flat in shape so that it is difficult to see with the naked eye. However, what is unsettling, some of these warts can come close together and form larger groups.

Watch for Symptoms

For you women, it feels like you need to be extra careful with this one disease. The reason is, genital warts that appear in the vagina can cause bleeding during sexual intercourse , even complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Then, what are the signs of this sexually transmitted disease?

– Bleeding during sexual intercourse.

– Multiple warts close together resembling a cauliflower shape.

– Small swelling in the genital area.

– Itching or discomfort in the pubic area.

For women, these warts can grow on the upper thighs, vulva, vaginal wall, anal canal, cervix, to the area between the external genitals and the anus. Whereas in men, it can appear on the tip or shaft of the penis, groin, around or in the anus, upper thighs, in the urinary tract, and testes.

Remember, this virus is in damp areas and gets wet easily. Especially if a person has a lot of sweat glands and not a few in vital parts.

As an area that is moist and easily wet, the genitals are the safest and most comfortable place for the virus. Especially if a person has a lot of sweat glands and not a few in vital parts.

Can be prevented

According to experts, in some cases there are some people who get genital warts only once in their life. However, there are also a handful of others who experience relapses. The intervals of recurrences vary, from weeks, months, to years. Then, how do you prevent this disease? According to experts, by receiving the HPV vaccine and using safety devices such as condoms during intercourse can prevent this sexually transmitted disease.

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