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Can You Clean Miss V with Betel Leaf Boiled Water?

, – Betel leaf is quite popular as a natural antiseptic which is not only used to clean vaginal discharge, but also allergies or infections in other parts of the body. Medical research shows that betel leaf contains important substances that are effective in healing wounds, stopping bleeding, curing infections, and killing parasitic microorganisms.

For the cleanliness of Miss V itself, the properties of betel leaf are believed to be able to kill fungi, bacteria, parasites, and microorganisms that cause vaginal discharge. Using betel leaves for vaginal cleanliness and to cure vaginal discharge can be done in simple ways. It is enough to boil 3-5 clean betel leaves with a medium size, then use the boiled water to rinse the female area.

If there is an infection in vagina, boiled water of betel leaf is very useful to reduce infection and make vagina more mat. In addition, boiled water of betel leaf can also treat itching and tighten Miss V.  5 Signs That Should Not Be Ignored When Having Sexual Diseases

Even though it has good properties, it does not mean that the use of betel leaf can be used regularly every day. You see, routine use can eliminate the natural pH in the Miss V area. Miss V has good bacteria that do function to keep the acidic atmosphere in the genital organs at a normal temperature.

In fact, Miss herself can clean herself without the help of cleaning products. However, there are certain situations such as infection, so it needs cleaning products to make the natural pH of Miss V return to normal. However, if Miss V is not experiencing problems and is in a normal condition, aka balanced, it is better for you not to “disturb” the existing condition with excessive care. One of them is betel leaf boiled water.

Precisely cleaning Miss V excessively can disturb the balance and make Miss V irritated. Hence, if you have experienced excessive vaginal discharge after using feminine cleaning products, it could be because you are using feminine cleaning products that are not supposed to.  6 Trauma Due to Sexual Violence

Medical experts suggest the best way to clean vagina is to rinse with clean water, because water is the most normal and balanced liquid as a cleanser. The cleaning technique must also be considered, namely from front to back and using running water.

Be careful rinsing vagina when defecating in a public toilet. Try to use tap water instead of previously collected water. This is done to be aware of the possible cleanliness of the water that has been collected.

The trend of cleaning the female area with wet wipes should not be necessary, considering that wet wipes are usually given a fragrance which can still disturb the balance of the female organs.

Apart from how to clean, another rule that needs to be considered in caring for Miss V properly is not to use underwear that is too tight. The use of underwear that is too tight can make Miss V in a condition that is too damp and makes blisters in the groin area.

Actually, if you experience initial disturbances such as itching, vaginal discharge, or excess fluid in Miss V. Try not to be too reactive by immediately using cleaning products or betel leaves. Give the opportunity for good bacteria in the genital organs to carry out their functions by cleansing vagina naturally.  Clitoris vs Mr. P, Difference and Similarities

A night’s sleep without panties is also one way to give Miss space to “breathe”. Miss V, which is always closed, will make it very humid, causing vaginal discharge, bad odor, until its balance is disturbed.

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