Can Spread Through Intimate Relationships, Recognize 6 Causes of HPV

– Most people do not realize that they have been infected with HPV. This disorder generally does not cause obvious symptoms, until the virus has actually developed and spread in the body. Most cases of this sexually transmitted disease generally start showing symptoms within 3-10 after the virus first enters the body. However, this time span is a benchmark average for all types of sexually transmitted diseases.

The length of time the symptoms of HPV appear are not always the same for everyone. Most people who have HPV infection usually only start to notice the appearance of genital warts about three months after the initial infection. Genital warts are indeed one of the symptoms of HPV that is most likely to appear first and most noticeably.

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Warts occur initially as small sores that get bigger and bigger to form small bumps on the skin. In women, warts can appear on the vulva, vagina, skin area around the anus, to the cervix. Meanwhile, men usually appear on the skin of the penis, testicles (testes), and around the anus, which are some of the places where genital warts are most commonly seen as a symptom of HPV.

In both men and women, warts can also appear on the hands, feet, or face. However, the appearance of genital warts is not always a sure sign of HPV infection. In addition, HPV infection is very contagious and can happen to anyone.

There are a number of causes that could potentially increase a person’s risk of experiencing this virus. Some of these causes include:

  1. Frequently changing partners. Having sex with more than one partner will increase your risk.
  2. Sharing personal items such as towels, handkerchiefs, or socks.
  3. Weak immune system, for example living with HIV / AIDS or undergoing chemotherapy.
  4. Damaged skin, for example in open wounds.
  5. Age. Common warts are commonly experienced by children, while plantar and genital warts are more common in adolescents and young adults.
  6. Not maintaining cleanliness, for example going to a public bathroom without wearing footwear.

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Maybe all this time you thought that HPV infection can only be experienced by women. The HPV virus is indeed a major risk factor for cervical cancer, the most common and deadly cancer in women. Complications of HPV infection in women can also cause vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer.

In fact, both men and women can experience HPV infection and its possible risks of complications, such as genital skin and cancer. Both men and women are equally at risk of developing oral cancer, throat cancer, and anal cancer due to HPV infection. Men can also get penile cancer from this infection.

When you find out that you have HPV infection, the best way to fight the virus is with the HPV vaccine. In particular, the Cervarix and Gardasil vaccines for women and the Gardasil vaccines for men. If you want to have sex, you should use a condom.

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However, areas that are not protected by condoms are still at risk of becoming infected with HPV. The use of condoms does not completely eliminate, but it will drastically reduce the risk of viral infection. In addition, not having sex freely will reduce the risk of disease.

That is the cause of the appearance of HPV infection that you need to know. When you find out that you are experiencing symptoms of this disease, immediately communicate and discuss it with your doctor through the application . Discussions with doctors can be done via Chat or Voice / Video Call anytime and anywhere. Doctor’s advice can be accepted practically by downloading the application on Google Play or the App Store now.