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Can Relapse, Gonorrhea with Intimate Relationships Is Not Healthy

, – Gonorrhea is characterized by symptoms of gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease and occurs due to attack by bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae or gonococcus.

This disease can occur in anyone, women, men, even newborns. This is because bacteria commonly found in fluids in the reproductive organs, namely Mr P and Miss V, can be transmitted through childbirth.

The bacteria that cause this disease can attack a number of parts, such as the rectum, cervix, aka cervix, eyes, throat, and urethra. If this virus infects during the birth process, the baby is at risk of being infected with bacteria in the eye which can potentially cause permanent blindness.

Unfortunately, this disease is often detected too late because in some cases, gonorrhea does not cause symptoms at all. As a result, people with this disease may transmit the disease to their partner without realizing it. Gonorrhea is usually easier to recognize in men than women. This is again related to the symptoms that appear, for women the symptoms of gonorrhea are usually very mild and unclear. It is often misunderstood and considered as an infection of other diseases related to the reproductive organs.

Gonorrhea that is not treated properly in women can spread to the female pelvic organs, causing bleeding in the vagina, lower abdominal pain, fever, and pain during intercourse. While the common symptoms that often appear, in both women and men are pain when urinating, to a thick discharge, such as yellow or green pus from the reproductive organs.

To deal with this problem, treatment is usually done by giving antibiotics, either in the form of injections or tablets. After that, the sufferer will be asked to return within a week or two of initial treatment. The goal is to ensure that the bacteria that cause disease are gone completely and prevent the infection from coming back.

The risk of gonorrhea is due to unhealthy intimate relationships

This disease can usually be cured completely if treated with the right treatment. Usually, symptoms due to disease-causing bacteria will improve after a few days after treatment. However, if this disease is left alone and not treated, it can lead to more serious problems.

Can this disease recur? Yes. Usually, gonorrhea can return to infection due to the habit of having sex that is not healthy and unsafe. To prevent this, make sure you and your partner do not have intercourse until the gonorrhea treatment is completely complete, and a repeat examination has revealed that the bacteria have completely left the body.

In addition, the best way to prevent gonorrhea from recurring is to get used to having healthy intimate relationships. Being loyal to a partner or avoiding having to mutually sex partners must also be done so that you are not prone to sexually transmitted diseases. To be safer, you can use contraception, aka safety when having intercourse and you should avoid having intercourse at a too young age and choosing a partner carelessly.

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