1st trimester Pregnancy Sex

Can Pregnant Women First Trimester Have Intimate Relationships?

, – Intimate relationship is one way to maintain domestic harmony. However, quality intimate relationships certainly involve communication between husband and wife. Including discussing the problem of intimate activity when the wife is pregnant in the first trimester.

7 Problems of First Trimester Pregnancy

When the mother is pregnant, it does not mean that the mother and partner must stop sexual activity. But keep in mind, there are many things that must be considered before the mother has intimate relations with a partner. Starting from the mood to the health condition of the mother and fetus.

Many pregnant women feel that changes in sexual desire occur in the first trimester. This is caused by several factors, one of which may be hormonal changes that cause pregnant women to feel nauseous and tire quickly. However, if the health of the mother and the womb is fine, actually intercourse is safe enough for pregnant women to do in the first trimester as long as it is done properly.

Early pregnancy is a period of adaptation for mothers to recognize changes that occur in physical and health. We recommend that you talk with your partner about this intimate relationship, such as comfort issues.

There are several conditions that prevent first trimester pregnant women from having intercourse:

  1. If the membranes break.
  2. Having uterine problems.
  3. Have had a miscarriage in a previous pregnancy.
  4. The placenta partially covers the cervix.
  5. Bleeding or spotting from the vagina.
  6. Have placenta pravia.

To avoid dangerous risks, you should make sure the mother is diligent and routinely checks the womb at the obstetrician so that the mother can find out earlier whether there is a disturbance in pregnancy or not so that intercourse can run smoothly and comfortably.

Tips for Intimate Relationships for First Trimester Pregnant Women

There are many things that mothers should know when having intercourse in the first trimester of pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to positions that do not endanger the fetus

When going to have intercourse while pregnancy is still in the first trimester, the mother should choose a position that is not harmful to the fetus. Usually in the first trimester, because there are not many changes in the mother’s physique, the mother can still do a standing or sitting position. However, if the mother feels tired, you should do the missionary position and the spooning position to make her comfortable.

2. Make sure the mother’s partner does not ejaculate in the vagina

At the age of the first trimester of pregnancy, the partner should not ejaculate in the vagina, so that sperm will not enter the uterus. This is because the prostaglandin hormone found in sperm can cause contractions in the mother’s uterus, which can harm the fetus in the womb.

3. Should Avoid Oral Sex During Pregnancy

Oral sex activities should be avoided during pregnancy. Because, during pregnancy, the hormone estrogen causes the mother’s blood vessels to open wide, making it very susceptible to bacteria and infections if exposed to saliva.

Exercise for First Trimester Pregnant Women

Regardless of the condition of the mother’s pregnancy, the mother should never hesitate to ask questions about intimate relationships with the doctor during pregnancy. Mothers can also use the application to ask doctors about maternal complaints during pregnancy. Come on, download the application via the App Store or Google Play right now!