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Can People With Pedophilia Disorder Get Rid of?

Pedophilia is a sexual disorder in adults, in which he has a sexual desire for children under 14 years of age. People with themselves are known as pedophiles. So far, pedophilia is known as child sexual abuse. However, this assumption is not quite right, pedophilia is more than that.

This condition is a sexual disease. Not all pedophiles sexually abuse children, and not all adults who sexually abuse children are pedophiles. So, can someone with this disorder be cured? Here are some steps to treat pedophilia.

These are the main symptoms of someone suffering from pedophilia

Here Are Some Steps To Overcome Pedophilia

Pedophilia is a chronic disease that has been experienced for a long time. The treatment procedure is carried out aimed at converting interest in children to adults. This disease is a chronic disease and takes a long time for people to recover. The first step taken is in the form of observation and anticipation of criminal acts.

Pedophilia is not sexual orientation, but sexual interest. Steps to overcome pedophilia itself will be done by doing psychotherapy and drug therapy. Here’s the explanation:

  1. Psychotherapy . This procedure is carried out by undergoing regular counseling with a psychiatrist or psychologist.
  2. Drugs. The drugs that are consumed are useful for changing the sex drive of the sufferer or reducing the levels of the hormone testosterone in the body.

If the pedophile is someone who is addicted to alcohol , the first treatment process is done to stop the addiction. A child who is known to have been a target of a pedophile needs more protection from parents or related institutions for children.

These are the characteristics of someone who has pedophilia

What Are the Symptoms of Pedophilia?

The interest in pedophilia is unpredictable. He can have an attraction to a girl or a boy, even both at the same time. The sufferer will usually manifest his desires in children who are still related to him. Not only that, they also usually target children who are under their authority.

In mild cases of pedophilia, adults only stare or touch children in general areas, such as the hands. But in severe cases, sufferers dare to touch sensitive areas of children such as genitals, even have intimate relationships with them. To get their wish, usually the sufferer will force the victim with threats that make the child afraid.

What Should Parents Do?

One of the important steps parents must take is to give children more attention, so that children do not draw closer to strangers to get attention. Not only that, here are some steps parents can take:

1. Teach Sexual Education

The first thing to do is introduce the child to limbs that are not allowed by other people. Also explain if the body part is not allowed to be seen or touched, even if you are forced to do so. Teach children to firmly refuse.

2. Do not upload photos of children

Parents tend to often upload photos of their children, even though this is very dangerous. Every now and then is fine, but if too often, it will actually provoke predators to do evil and choose children to be their target. So, it’s best to prioritize children’s safety and privacy.

3 Identify the Actor’s Signs

Parents must recognize the behavior of the perpetrator. Most of the perpetrators come from the closest circle of parents. The perpetrator tends to pay attention to the child and likes to joke with him. If there are many young children, and only the mother’s child is invited to play with, this could be a feature of pedophilia.

6 Ways to Teach Children to Be Aware of the Dangers of Pedophilia

As parents, mothers must get closer and maintain communication with their children. This is done so that children want to be honest with their own feelings and the things that happen to them. If you are not used to heart-to-heart talk, you can ask the psychologist on the app directly about how to get started.

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