Can Hormones in Women Affect His Ideal Partner Type?

, – Every woman certainly has her own ideal type of man. There are those who like romantic men, there are also those who prefer humorous men, and so on. However, what determines the ideal type of man for each woman can vary? A recent study found that hormones can influence partner preferences in women. Come on, see more details here.

Researchers have long argued that physical characteristics in men can indicate their personality. For example, a man who has masculine physical characteristics, such as a strong jaw, thick eyebrows or broad shoulders indicates that he is not only healthy but also likely to father healthy children.

Conversely, a man who has feminine physical characteristics, such as a small jaw, larger eyes or a slimmer body is considered to indicate that he is a caring and caring person. This idea does not yet have sufficiently strong evidence, but still it has often become a strong assumption in many studies of partner preference in women.

Well, a large-scale study has found little evidence that women’s preferences for masculine men increase at ovulation or are related to changes in sex hormones during the menstrual cycle. However, women’s preferences for men who have masculine bodies and voices may not increase during ovulation. Women’s desire to have an extra partner other than their current partner does increase at ovulation. However, recent research shows that this increase is related to an increase in their desire to have sex.

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This pattern of results suggests that women’s sexual desire in general does increase at the time of ovulation, but not because they suddenly become attracted to sex with other people outside their specific partners. The finding that using oral contraceptive pills reduces preference in masculine men also needs to be further investigated in a larger study.

Although the results suggest that hormonal changes do not necessarily change women’s tastes in men, at least two recent studies have shown that women who like the opposite sex ( straight ) may be more attracted to men in general at ovulation.

Women’s Tastes and Attitudes Toward Men May Change Due to Hormones

Did you know that women’s attractiveness can vary with their menstrual cycle. For example, heterosexual women prefer men who are more masculine and men who are more symmetrical when they are fertile.

Women’s attitudes toward their own partners can also change throughout the cycle. Women will give a more positive assessment of men who they think are more sexually attractive, when they are experiencing fertility. Meanwhile, men who are considered less sexually attractive, women will view them more negatively when they are in their fertile period.

Furthermore, women are also more interested in having sex with men other than their main partner when they are in the fertile period of the menstrual cycle (when their estrogen levels are high). However, when women are in the less fertile period of their cycle (when their progesterone levels are high), they are more interested in having sex with their main partner.

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Why Do Women’s Tastes Change So Often?

Women are usually more attracted to men with good genes, but these men may be less interested in having and caring for children in the future. The dilemma in choosing men who have good genes or men who want to have offspring and care for them is the cause of women’s tastes that often change.

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