Breast Cysts

Can Herbal Medicines Treat Breast Cysts?

– For most women, hearing the word breast cyst can give you fear and worry. In fact, not a few people think that cysts are cancer, when in fact they are not. Breast cysts are more like benign tumors that appear on the breast. Even so, its presence can interfere with appearance and comfort.

Cysts also refer to the abnormal growth of cells in the breast tissue with a fluid form that causes pain in the breast. This condition occurs due to hormonal changes so that fibrous tissue grows similar to scars that bind fluids in the body. Cysts form lumps filled with water and can range in size from small to large.

Can Herbal Medicines Treat Breast Cysts?

Breast cysts can occur in any woman who is going through puberty. Even so, this disorder often occurs in women between the ages of 35 and 50 who have not yet experienced menopause. Cysts that appear can be single, can also be more than one and the appearance can only be in one breast or both. Even so, these cysts usually disappear by themselves after menopause .

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Even so, you are still required to do a medical examination at the doctor. That way, you can get proper treatment and unwanted complications will not occur. Early detection is needed to be able to provide immediate treatment. However, to make it easier, you should first make an appointment with a regular doctor at the nearest hospital .

The cause of breast cysts is not certain. However, it is believed that its appearance is closely related to increasing levels of the hormone estrogen in the body to an excessive level. Symptoms are the size of the lump that tends to increase before the menstrual period, there is a movable lump in the breast, and the appearance of pain in the breast area where the lump is.

Here’s How to Prevent Breast Cysts

Although it can heal on its own after a woman goes through menopause or shrinks in size after menstruation, of course cysts can come back. Hence, it takes medication to completely get rid of it. Usually, the method that is often chosen is the surgical removal of breast cysts. However, now many people are turning to herbal remedies for breast cyst medication. Can it really heal?

Apparently, there are two herbal medicines that are believed to be able to cure breast cysts. It is soursop leaves and mangosteen peel extract that have been used as a cure for breast cysts and cancer since ancient times. Mangosteen peel contains relatively high antioxidants, even more than the content in vitamins C and E.

Xanthones, compounds contained in mangosteen peel are considered effective for removing breast cysts. While soursop leaves are believed to have a more positive effect than chemotherapy medical treatment. In fact, soursop leaves are a medicine that has been used by Indian tribesmen in the Amazon for hundreds of years. It is believed, the extract produced by soursop leaves can help slow the growth of tumors and cancer.

Do not get confused, this is the understanding of breast cysts and tumors

However, herbal treatment methods are not suitable for all breast cysts. So, you still have to ask first and take medical treatment to a doctor to get a more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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