Sexual Dysfunction

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

Erectile dysfunction makes men unable to achieve or maintain an erection properly, including when having sex. Because it is often considered an embarrassment, many men are reluctant to see a doctor, so this condition is often not treated properly. In fact, erectile dysfunction is a disease that can be overcome if the cause is traced, you know.

In general, there are several conditions that can cause a man to experience erectile dysfunction. These conditions are divided into three types, namely erections that are less firm so that they are unable to have intercourse, erections that are not long enough, and erections that occur frequently. So, how do you cure erectile dysfunction?

5 Causes Men Can Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Cure Erectile Dysfunction Based on the Causes 

Previously, please note that there are several conditions that can cause men to experience erectile dysfunction. Therefore, curing this condition can be done by addressing the cause first. Erections in men involve the brain, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, emotions and hormones. Well, erectile dysfunction can occur when there is a disturbance or problem in one of these parts or a combination of several conditions.

This means that erectile dysfunction can be caused by certain medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, age, psychological problems, side effects of certain drugs, injuries, and the side effects of surgery. By knowing the cause of erectile dysfunction, this condition can be resolved quickly. Until now, there are several ways of treatment that can be done to treat erectile dysfunction, namely:

1. Medicines

One way to deal with erectile dysfunction is by taking special drugs, which are prescribed by doctors. Usually, the doctor will prescribe the type of drug that best suits the condition of the body and the medical history of the person with erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is important to tell your doctor if you have a history of certain diseases and what medications are being taken.

If you feel embarrassed about direct consultation, you can download the application to chat with doctors via chat . If the doctor recommends further examination, you can make an appointment with the doctor at the hospital via the application too, so that it is faster and doesn’t take long to queue anymore.

Various Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

2. Testosterone therapy

In some cases, erectile dysfunction is also accompanied by low levels of the hormone testosterone. Therefore, overcoming erectile dysfunction can also be done by adding this hormone therapy action. Usually, testosterone therapy is done as the first step in treating erectile dysfunction.

3. Vacuum Device

Treating erectile dysfunction can also be done using tools, namely specially designed vacuum tubes. In the therapy, you will be asked to place the penis into a tube connected to a pump. Then, you will be asked to move a special elastic ring from the end of the tube to the base of the penis. Its purpose is to keep blood flowing back into the body. However, it takes some practice to be able to use this vacuum tool.

4. Implants

Penile implants are an option for treating severe erectile dysfunction. This procedure involves surgically placing a device on both sides of the penis. The implant used consists of a rubber rod that is inflated or stiff. Then, a bulging device is attached to help control when and for how long an erection should occur. Meanwhile, the stiff shaft will keep the penis tight, but bendable.

This Is Why Psychological Therapy Helps Recover Sexual Dysfunction

5. Psychological Consultation

In some cases too, erectile dysfunction occurs due to psychological problems. If that’s the cause, the doctor will advise people with erectile dysfunction to do psychological consultation as a way of treatment.

So, there are 5 treatments that can be done to treat erectile dysfunction. Keep in mind again that this condition is just like any other disease, which can be treated and cured, as long as you immediately discuss it with your doctor and follow all the recommended medical procedures. Don’t forget to always adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress.

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