Bored During Intimate Relationships, Overcome In This Way

, – An intimate relationship with a partner should be romantic and fun. However, these activities can become tedious and create tenuous relationships. According to data in the Journal of Sex Research , 27 percent of women and 41 percent of men reported being sexually dissatisfied in their relationships.

If this boredom continues, then this can affect the intimacy of you and your partner. Instead, identify the cause of this condition in order to get the right solution to overcome boredom when having sex with a partner.

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Cause Intimate Relationships Feel Boring

One person’s sexual tastes and needs can vary, so what satisfies one person may not satisfy another. However, most people who admit that they are no longer sexually satisfied with their partner may experience the same problem.

Daily activities such as working, housekeeping, or taking care of children can cause you and your partner to have less time alone. Sex feels more like an obligation than an enjoyable activity. This factor can make sex less enjoyable.

If you lose your passion for intimate relations with your partner, you are not alone. For some people, the end of the honeymoon phase can be the end of exciting sex. Don’t worry, there are ways you can do to overcome this boredom.

You can also talk to a psychologist by chatting . The psychologist will provide the right advice to get rid of this boredom so that the harmony between you and your partner is not disturbed.

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Tips on Intimate Relationship Fun Again

If you feel bored and dissatisfied with the sex life you have now, there are many things you can do to restore that passion, such as:

  • Initiatives to Get Started First

Be honest with yourself, who tends to have sex more often, you or your partner? If you are a partner who tends to be passive, try to reverse the scenario. Change the routine, don’t let your partner try to start it first.

If you always do things in a certain order or in a certain way, try to get rid of them and let you and your partner be free to do them without the order or order you normally do.

  • Make a Date Once a Week

In fact, satisfying and spontaneous sex doesn’t always happen regularly for long-term partners. Don’t do it spontaneously too often, because one partner may not be ready.

Try to schedule and make plans that are fun, different, and exciting. For example, asking your partner to date first, then having sexual intercourse afterward.

  • Tell What Makes You Excited

In fact, having sex in the same style or manner over the years can be boring. The best way to end boring sex is by having an honest conversation about what turns you on. Have a non-judgmental conversation and explain what you want.

  • Fasting for a short period of time

Sex is actually broader than just sexual intercourse. To revive your sex life, try taking a few weeks off from this activity. Conversely, you can do other things, such as touching each other more often.

Explore full body, hand and mouth contact, fun chat, and all the other ways that you and your partner can be happy. After this, you can find a new favorite way that is more exciting.

  • Vacation with Couples

You can take time for a vacation with your partner or just a staycation . If you don’t have much time to go out of town, turn your bedroom into a fun place. For example, arranging the lighting design to make it more attractive, installing air freshener, and several other decorations.

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Those are steps you can take to make intimate relationships fun again. The most important thing for you and your partner is to open up and communicate well. This will make you and your partner understand each other more.



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