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Beware, Too Long Cycling Cause Prostate Disorders

During the pandemic, people regularly exercise to maintain stamina. Recently, cycling has become a popular sport in the community. Regardless of age, cycling can be done by anyone. The benefits of cycling are not inferior to other types of sports. Apparently, cycling is good for improving physical and mental health.

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However, you should use complete and comfortable equipment when cycling , especially for men. Uncomfortable cycling equipment can certainly interfere with cycling activities. Know the prevention of prostate disorders in men while cycling. Here is the review.

Cycling and Prostate Disorders

Cycling is considered to be a fun sport and provides health benefits. Reporting from the Better Health Channel, there are several benefits of cycling, namely:

  • Improve heart health;
  • Increase muscle strength and flexibility;
  • Helps lose weight;
  • Strengthens bones;
  • Improve posture and body coordination;
  • Lower stress levels.

However, if too long cycling can cause prostate problems in men? Previously, it was known that the prostate is an organ in the male reproductive system that has a role to produce semen. The prostate is the size of a walnut and gets bigger with age. Disorders of the prostate can cause men to experience pain in the pelvic area and during intercourse.

In general, cycling is actually safe for both male and female reproduction, regardless of how long and often cycling. However, reported by Web MD , be careful when experiencing disturbances such as numbness or tingling when cycling that does not go away immediately.

This numbing reaction is common when sitting for too long, but it goes away soon after standing. However, if it does not disappear, then you should be vigilant and you should immediately consult a doctor.

If you experience health complaints after cycling, you should ask your doctor directly through the application to ensure proper handling. Do not underestimate other symptoms surrounding the prostate, such as difficulty urinating and the appearance of blood in the urine.

These symptoms can indicate a prostate problem, such as prostatitis or prostate cancer. Early detection will make it easier for the medical team to carry out treatment and treatment so that health can recover quickly.

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Safe Cycling Tips for Men

Well, men shouldn’t worry. By doing these tips you can do bicycle sports comfortably and safely. Launching from Harvard Medical School , there are ways to avoid problems with male reproductive organs when cycling, such as using a saddle that is friendly for the health of the reproductive organs with a wider and more comfortable size.

The comfortable saddle reduces the risk of pressure on the reproductive organs . It doesn’t hurt to try before you buy a new saddle for a bike. Changing positions when cycling can also be done to reduce the pressure on the reproductive organs. Trying to stand on the pedal can be done if you have been sitting on the bicycle saddle for too long.

However, pay attention to the environment and your ability to ride a bicycle so you don’t cause accidents. There is nothing wrong with resting in the middle of cycling, in addition to reducing pressure, resting during exercise can also restore stamina and energy.

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Use clothing and equipment that are intended for cycling. Of course, clothes designed for certain sports protect the body more optimally than wearing everyday clothes.

Don’t forget to maintain prostate health by consuming a variety of vegetables and fruits and food choices that contain high vitamins and minerals so that prostate health is always well maintained.