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Beware of pedophilia, this is the importance of sex education for children

, – When the child grows older, you have to teach him many things as a parent. Starting from how to count, how to empathize, to education about sex . Indeed, teaching children sex from an early age is always considered taboo in Indonesia even though it is considered important.

Good parents must teach everything including sex education, because it has many benefits. One of the things that can be avoided if the child has received education about it is to avoid pedophilia . Here’s a discussion about it!

The Right Age to Begin Child Sex Education

The Importance of Sex Education in Children to Avoid Pedophilia

A child is always curious about everything, including sex. By doing sex education early can help children to understand about the body and make him know better what to do. Younger children are generally more interested in pregnancy than sex.

Discussing sex can also be a starting point for open communication with children. You can build honest and open communication between parents and children which is very important to do. This will make the child tell all the things to his parents, such as anxiety and depression.

Starting conversations about sex early and continuing to have open communication as the child grows can be the best sex education strategy. The easiest conversation to do is when you see something that is right in front of your eyes, such as a pregnancy or a baby.

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Providing Sex Education to Children in a Good and Right Way

What are the benefits of sex education in children that can prevent pedophilia? Here are some of the benefits that can be received by a mother’s child:

Every child must know the changes that will occur in their body, the causes of these occurrences, and how to stay healthy even if they occur. With this education, parents can protect children from perpetrators of sexual abuse, such as someone who has pedophilia.

Parents can also form children to be aware of some sex-related diseases and infections, teach them and to regulate sexual habits and emotions. Parents can also shape it so that they remain strong even in an unhealthy environment.

Parents must have a close relationship with their children. Therefore, mothers and fathers must always be friends, confidants, and teachers. A child who is accustomed to being trained to talk about anything with his parents will always tell stories without fear of being judged.

Any misconceptions about anything related to sex should be completely explained to the child. In addition, your little one must really be cared for by someone who is very trusted if mom and dad are required to work. All these things must always be considered.

Parents Need To Know, Sex Education Is Not Taboo For Children

Children will be safer from pedophilia with sex education

The more children who are exposed to sexual images in the media, the more likely they are to engage in sexual behavior at an early age. However, real sex education does not lead to promiscuity. Children who receive sex education at home are actually less likely to engage in risky sexual activity.

Having open communication with children about sex and other things is healthier and safer in the long run. This doesn’t always mean it will be easy or without awkward moments. However, talking about sex early increases the likelihood that teens will approach their parents when difficult or dangerous things arise.

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