Best Sugar Substitute Honey for Diabetes Patients?

, – Diabetics must be careful to avoid spikes in blood sugar. Controlling blood sugar is very important to avoid the more severe complications of diabetes, including nerve damage and cardiovascular disease.

Choosing an alternative sugar substitute is one way of maintaining a sweet taste in foods and drinks for people with diabetes. You need a sugar replacement recommendation for people with diabetes, the details are below!

Honey as a Sugar Substitute

Is it true that excessive sugar consumption can cause diabetes? According to health data published by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, excessive sugar consumption can lead to insulin sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity determines how effectively cells use glucose and remove it from the bloodstream. When this sensitivity decreases, blood sugar levels can become high, potentially leading to type 2 diabetes.

Can honey be considered an appropriate substitute for sugar? It should be noted that most of the honey sold by producers is usually processed, meaning that the producers have heated and filtered it. In effect, this strips away some of the nutritional value of honey and its potential health benefits.

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However, when you consume raw honey, it is unlikely that the nutritional content is still stored. According to health data published in Oxidative Medicine , switching from regular sugar to honey consumption can help keep blood glucose levels down.

Even so, that doesn’t mean honey is the only lifestyle change management performed by people with diabetes. The adoption of a healthy lifestyle must also be done to support the achievement of maximum health goals.

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Keep Expanding Limitations of Consumption

Many studies have revealed the benefits of honey. One fact interesting is glukos a honey can lower serum fasting increases levels of C-peptide fasting that helps the pancreas to know how much insulin is released and plays an important role in maintaining a stable blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

Apart from controlling blood sugar levels, consumption of honey also has an impact on significant weight loss. The researchers also tested the hemoglobin of people who consumed honey and found more stable blood sugar levels. But, of course this is not only because of honey but also supported by other healthy lifestyles.

Honey can be a healthy substitute for white sugar. However, people should use them in moderation. The problem is that if consumed in excess it can cause blood sugar levels to spike.

This is especially the case with honey when a person uses honey as an additive, rather than as a substitute for other forms of sugar. For those of you who are thinking about changing sugar to honey, you must be careful because some producers produce honey that is not pure and may contain added sugar or syrup.

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Also, the use of raw honey may contain toxins that can cause botulism or be dangerous if consumed by infants under 1 year of age. Honey does provide nutrition like other food sources such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the right combination of healthy foods is the most recommended advice.

For people with diabetes, you need to know that sugar is not the only “enemy” that must be controlled. There are still carbohydrates, fats, and even protein that should be consumed appropriately, according to the recommended limits.

In terms of determining these reasonable limits, several things that must be considered are insulin sensitivity, sleep quality, body fat percentage, and activity level.


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