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Benefits of Having Intimate Relationships while Pregnant

, – Many myths related to pregnancy are spread and not a few people believe in it. In fact, most of the myths that are spread are false. One example of a myth that is often believed to be having sex during pregnancy. It says this can cause miscarriage.

In fact, someone who has intercourse during pregnancy will not experience complications unless your doctor prohibits it. Someone who has sex during pregnancy will not disturb the fetus, because the penis cannot penetrate the area where the fetus is. In fact, having sex during pregnancy can benefit the mother. Here’s the full review!

5 Rules for Sex that is Safe While Pregnant

Benefits of Intimate Relationships while Pregnant

Having sex with pregnant women is very safe and will not disturb the fetus in the stomach. In fact, women who are pregnant will experience an increase in sex drive at certain stages. Even so, the mother must pay close attention to a comfortable position so that the stomach is not pinched or shaken violently while doing it.

In fact, having sex during pregnancy with a partner can provide many benefits to the body. The movements that are applied during sex will make the body like exercise, so that it becomes healthier. Therefore, do not hesitate to have sex during pregnancy. Here are some of the benefits of routine sex during pregnancy:

  1. Blood Circulation

The benefit of having sex during pregnancy is that it is able to improve blood circulation in the body. The blood supply doubles during pregnancy for the baby to grow, but slow circulation will inhibit this. Therefore, one of the benefits of having sex during pregnancy is to increase this circulation. Intercourse can also help the body increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.

  1. Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

Another thing that can happen as a benefit of having sex during pregnancy is to make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. This section should be stronger than usual, especially in the third trimester. By having sex regularly, difficulties that may occur during childbirth can be avoided, so that everything can run smoothly.

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  1. Increase the Immune System

In pregnant women, their immunity is often reduced so that they are more prone to disease. Usually the doctor will recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle so you are not susceptible to disease. The role of intercourse during pregnancy is to strengthen the body’s immune system as a complement. It is said that having intercourse can increase IgA antibodies which are good for immunity.

If the mother has any additional questions related to intercourse during pregnancy, the doctor of can provide additional advice. It’s easy, just download the application to the smartphone used so you can hear direct advice from professionals!

  1. Lowering Blood Pressure

Couples who have sex during pregnancy can lower blood pressure in their bodies. This happens because the hormones released after orgasm can relax the body, so that blood pressure also decreases. Even so, these good habits cannot reduce the chances of developing preeclampsia.

  1. Faster Postpartum Recovery

It was also stated that the recovery after childbirth could be faster if previously pregnant women had routine intercourse. Orgasm that occurs during intercourse can make a woman’s pelvic muscles better prepared for childbirth. Apart from having sex during pregnancy, another alternative is to do Kegel exercises.

  1. Childbirth Easier

Having sex during pregnancy regularly can help the body more easily produce contractions in the pelvic muscles and open the cervix. This can make the delivery process easier and you don’t need the help of tools to get the baby out. It is advisable to have more frequent intercourse as the due date of birth approaches to induce labor.

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Those are some of the benefits you can get from regular intercourse during pregnancy. Knowing some of these important things, the myths that you have heard are not true. However, if the doctor does not recommend intercourse during pregnancy, it is better to comply with it.


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