Genital Warts

Be careful, these are 4 habits that unconsciously trigger genital warts

, – Genital warts is a disease characterized by the appearance of small lumps in the genital area and anus. In general, this disease can occur in anyone who has been sexually active. This disease should not be taken lightly because it can have a negative impact on the body.

Basically, genital warts are different from warts or bumps that grow on other parts of the body. Genital warts are a type of sexually transmitted disease (STD). The bad news is, there are various daily habits that can unconsciously cause genital warts infections. Among them:

1. Insecure Intimate Relationships

Genital warts are a disease that is prone to occur in people who are sexually active. The spread of the virus that causes this disease can occur through intimate contact or oral or anal. The risk of spreading the virus is greater in people who have unsafe sex, such as changing partners, not using a safe alias condom, and others.

Sexual Intercourse Without a Condom, Increase the Risk of Getting Genital Warts

2. Touching Intimate Organs

Transmission of the virus can also occur through contact or direct skin contact. The spread of the virus that causes genital warts occurs when the sufferer holds or touches his own intimate area with his hands, then touches his partner’s intimate area with the same hand.

3. Sharing Sex Aids

Sometimes some people choose to use sex aids, aka sex toys . It’s actually okay to do it, but make sure not to use it carelessly, huh. The reason is, the habit of exchanging or sharing the use of these tools can increase the risk of transmitting genital warts or other sexually transmitted diseases.

4. From Mother To Baby

Although they are rare, genital warts can also be transmitted from mother to newborn. Usually, transmission occurs during delivery from mothers who have been previously infected with the virus that causes genital warts.

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Symptoms and How to Overcome Genital Warts

The presence of genital warts is often not recognized by the sufferer, because they are small in size and skin-like color or slightly darker. It makes genital warts sometimes difficult to see with the naked eye. Genital wart bumps can appear singly or in groups and form a cauliflower-like structure.

Although often unconscious and difficult to see, genital warts can sometimes cause symptoms, including itching, burning sensation, pain, and discomfort around the sex organs. In addition, this condition can also cause bleeding during intercourse .

Genital skin symptoms can differ between men and women. In men, genital warts can appear in several areas, such as the trunk or tip of Mr. P, the scrotum, upper thighs, around or inside the anus. Whereas in women, lumps are often found on the walls of Miss. V, vulva, perineum, cervix, and inside vagina or in the anus.

Apart from the genitals and the area around them, genital warts can also grow on the tongue, lips, mouth, and throat. Genital warts that grow in this area usually occur from having oral sex with someone who is infected with genital warts.

Watch out, this disease gnaw at the genital tissue

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