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Be careful, Chlamydia bacteria cause these 5 complications

, – Have you ever heard about Chlamydia bacteria ? These bacteria usually infect a person in the urinary tract, cervix, throat, and eyes. Read more about these bacteria, and what complications can be caused by Chlamydia bacteria .

This is the Body-to-Body Transmission of Chlamydia Infection

What Are Chlamydia Bacteria?

These bacteria are the cause of a sexually transmitted infection called chlamydia or chlamydia. This condition is the most common sexually transmitted disease . Because this disease occurs and shows no symptoms, some people do not know that they have been infected.

These bacteria can pass from one person to another through sexual intercourse, both vaginal and anal. Chlamydia can also be passed from mother to baby during childbirth.

What are the symptoms of chlamydia?

Common signs of this condition are pain in the genital organs, and discharge from vaginal discharge or Mr P. Symptoms will appear several weeks after you are infected. Symptoms that appear can include:

  • The pain that arises in Mr P and Miss V.

  • Mild fever.

  • Discharge that is not normal in Miss V.

  • The onset of pain during intercourse.

  • Swelling of the vaginal area and Mr P.

  • Pain in the lower abdomen.

  • There is bleeding after sex.

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What Causes Chlamydia Can Happen?

Chlamydia is caused by the Chlamydia Trachomatis bacteria , and is transmitted through unsafe sex, such as:

  • Have more than one intimate partner.

  • Have had a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Having sex using unclean tools.

  • Be sexually active before the age of 18.

These bacteria are not transmitted by simply toilet seats, hugs, kisses, swimming in public pools, using the same eating utensils, or sharing towels.

What Complications Can Chlamydia Bacteria Cause?

Chlamydia can spread and cause long-term health problems if not treated immediately. Some of the complications that can occur include:

  1. Reactive arthritis , which is inflammation of the joints that is mostly experienced by men than women.

  2. Pelvic inflammatory disease, which is an infection of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. If left untreated, this condition can increase the risk of an ectopic pregnancy or fetal growth outside the uterus and miscarriage.

  3. Epididymitis, which is inflammation and swelling of the epididymis which is part of the male reproductive system and the ducts for draining sperm from the testicles.

  4. Cervicitis , which is inflammation of the cervix or cervix. Symptoms of this condition can include pain in the lower abdomen, pain during intercourse, and bleeding during or after sex.

  5. Urethritis , which is inflammation of the urinary tract or urethra. This condition is usually characterized by symptoms such as pain or stinging when urinating, the foreskin or the tip of the penis is irritated and painful, the tip of the penis releases a thick white liquid, and is unable to hold back urination.

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