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Bad Smells Because of Leucorrhoea, Beware of this Disease

, – Leucorrhoea in women is normal and can happen at any time. However, of course this is only said to be normal if the vaginal discharge is still within reasonable limits. On the other hand, women should be aware of vaginal discharge accompanied by certain and disturbing symptoms or abnormal, one of which is when the discharge smells bad.

Under normal conditions , vaginal discharge is characterized by a clear or slightly cloudy color, thin or slightly thick, does not smell, and does not come out too much. Whitish aka vaginal discharge is fluid or mucus that comes out of the female sex organs naturally.

This mucus comes out to bring dead cells and germs from the body, so Miss. V remains clean, healthy, as well as to protect the part from irritation or infection that may occur.

Be alert if the discharge has an unpleasant odor and is abnormal in color. This can be dangerous, because it is a sign of certain diseases. What types of diseases are characterized by a bad odor of vaginal discharge?

Recognize Your Whitish Problem, Here’s How!

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

Abnormal vaginal discharge can be a sign of disease, one of which is bacterial vaginosis. This disease is often characterized by symptoms of gray discharge that smells fishy. Sometimes vaginal discharge is the only symptom of this disease. In addition, bacterial vaginosis can also be characterized by painful urination or itching in the genital area, but this is rare.

Bacterial vaginosis is a disease that occurs because of an infection in the intimate area of women. This condition is triggered by disruption of the balance of normal flora in Miss. V.

Please note, the human body has good bacteria that function to protect the body from bad bacteria that can cause infection. In some conditions, such as bacterial vaginosis, the number of good bacteria in Miss. V reduced and unable to fight infection.

Bad Smelling Leucorrhoea, Indication of Bacterial Vaginosis?

  • Fungal Infection

Leucorrhoea in the form of a sour smell, thick vaginal discharge, and lumpy yellowish white, like cheese. This condition is usually accompanied by itching around the vulva. Yeast infection can cause pain in the sex organs, especially during intercourse and when urinating.

  • Gonorrhea

This one venereal disease must be watched out for. Gonorrhea can begin with abnormal vaginal discharge. Gonorrhea has the characteristics of a yellow or cloudy vaginal discharge and has a bad smell. This condition can also cause pelvic pain, bleeding outside the menstrual cycle, and painful urination.

  • Trichomoniasis

Abnormal and annoying vaginal discharge can also be a sign of trichomoniasis. This disease is caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis . Trichomoniasis makes the discharge turn yellow or greenish and foamy. Bad odor in vaginal discharge also often occurs as a sign of this disease. This disease makes Miss. V feels itchy and painful when urinating.

Overcome Abnormal Leucorrhoea in the following 6 Ways

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