Anything That Ruin Intimacy You and Him

– For married couples or commonly referred to as couples, having an intimate relationship with a partner is one of the keys that keeps your relationship harmonious. The existence of sexual arousal certainly makes you and him excited to have a relationship. However, what happens if the sexual arousal decreases or even disappears? It should be underlined that this decrease in sexual desire can not only be felt by those of you who have had a relationship with your partner for decades. Even newly married couples can feel this obstacle, you know.

The waning of intimacy between you and Him is not only experienced by women. For men, of course this applies and can be caused by various causes. Decreased sex drive is something that can damage intimate relationships with daily sexual activities with your partner. One of the factors that causes the loss of sex drive, namely the drop in testosterone levels.

The hormone testosterone, commonly referred to as the male hormone, has an important influence on libido or sexual arousal, muscle mass formation and beard growth that makes a man look strong and so masculine. Other benefits of this hormone include:

– Helping men to get back an erection and increase their passion for sex with a partner.

– Make the quality of life better because this hormone is believed to be associated with the risk of depression, fatigue and a person’s emotional rise.

– Who would not have thought that testosterone affects a man’s waist circumference. Want to look attractive to your partner? Come on, keep your testosterone levels up.

– Your relationship with the He can also be more durable with the presence of these hormones. A study from the United States found that high levels of the hormone testosterone can make you more attractive to your partner’s eyes.

On the other hand, this hormone will experience an increase during puberty with a peak when men are in their 20s. However, unfortunately the testosterone hormone will decrease periodically at the age of 30 years and over. Then what are the symptoms that are felt if the hormone testosterone has decreased? Here are the signs that are usually experienced:

1. Easily feels tired
This hormone, which is identified for men, turns out to have an important role in generating and managing energy in the body. The symptoms that will be felt if the testosterone is low is excessive weakness even though the rest period has been sufficient.

2. Decreased sex drive
Testosterone has a very important role in boosting one’s sex drive. If you feel a decrease in the desire for intimacy, then the testosterone level is too low. It is characterized by the spontaneous loss of an erection that you usually get easily.

3. Reduced hair count
Another role of the hormone testosterone is to regulate hair growth in body parts. The reduced amount of hair on your limbs apart from your head is a sign that your testosterone levels are too low, you know. If you experience it, don’t hesitate to ask your favorite doctor immediately.

4. Reduced bone mass
One of the factors that influence the formation of new bone cells in a man is the presence of the hormone testosterone. However, if men have testosterone that is too low, then the bone layer becomes thinner and even worse, it can trigger osteoporosis.

Then how to maintain normal testosterone levels? The trick is to monitor diligently every five years, starting at the age of 35 years. Also make changes in your lifestyle patterns by avoiding alcoholic drinks, adopting a healthy diet, always thinking positively and managing stress properly.

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