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Afraid of diabetes? Here are 5 substitutes for sugar

– There are many ways people do to avoid diabetes. One way to prevent diabetes that is often done is to reduce daily sugar intake. However, there are actually some sugar substitutes for diabetes that can keep your food or drink sweet, without having to be afraid of increasing blood sugar levels. Curious? Here’s more:

1. Honey

According to experts, one of the advantages of honey compared to sugar is that it does not increase blood sugar quickly. Not only that, honey also contains about 132 milligrams of potassium which plays a role in helping reduce sore throats. Interestingly, raw honey is also rich in vitamins B and C which are good for the immune system. But it must be remembered, the number of calories contained in honey is greater than ordinary sugar.

2. Sweetleaf and Truvia

Both are alternative sugar substitutes for diabetes from a kind of herb found in Central and South America. According to nutritionist and author of The Healthiest Meals on Earth , truvia is one of the most promising sugar substitutes. Until now, use is still safe. It tastes like sugar with a glycemic index of almost zero. This means that your blood sugar levels will be maintained.

3. Agave Nectar

For those of you who are afraid of diabetes and want to know how to prevent diabetes, you can replace sugar with commercially produced sweeteners. For example, species of agave include agave tequilana (blue agave) and agave salmiana. Experts say this agave nectar has a sweeter taste than sugar and thinner than honey. This type of plant has the advantage of being low on the glycemic index. .

Interestingly, agave nectar can also reduce insulin sensitivity and do not increase blood sugar drastically. How come? The reason is, this plant contains a lot of fructose compared to sugar.

4. Sucralose

This artificial sweetener is a non-nutritive sweetener that is right for people with diabetes. Although sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, it has no effect on increasing blood sugar levels. Usually this sweetener is used in hot or cold food.

According to experts, sucralose is also good for consumption by people with diabetes or those who are running a diet program , because there are no carbohydrate calories.

5. Whey Low

Whey low is three types of sugar, namely fructose (natural sugar in fruits and vegetables), sucrose (sugar), and lactose (milk sugar). The three of them form a sweetener called whey low. Experts say sucrose and lactose are full of calories on their own. However, when combined with fructose, they form a sweetener that the body cannot completely absorb.

When measured, one teaspoon of whey low contains only four calories. Meanwhile, the glycemic index is less than a third that of sugar. You can try a type of whey low sweetener , such as maple sugar , granular sugar , confectioners sugar, and brown sugar.

According to a professor of food science at the University of Maryland in College Park , USA, the creator of whey low once said that the interaction of the three types of sugar can produce a full sweetness, but contains only a few calories so it can be a sugar substitute for diabetes.

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