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8 Sex Facts While Pregnant You Need to Know

, – Who says pregnant women can’t have sex with their partner? Mothers don’t need to worry, because intercourse can still be done during pregnancy as long as it’s done in a safe way. In fact, sex can provide many benefits for pregnant women. Quoted from the American Pregnancy Association, having sex during pregnancy does not hurt your little one because the amniotic fluid in the uterus helps protect the baby and protects against various infections.

However, there are still many couples who hesitate to have sex during pregnancy for fear of endangering the fetus. So, to reduce the mother’s doubts, here are the facts about sex during pregnancy that you need to know:

  1. Decreased sex drive during the first trimester of pregnancy

It is very natural if the mother is reluctant to have sex in the early days of pregnancy. This is because hormonal changes in the body, as well as the feeling of nausea and fatigue that mothers experience can reduce the desire to have sex.

Not only during the early trimester, sex drive usually decreases as the body gets bigger before the day of delivery. This can also be caused by the body’s getting tired more easily.

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  1. Pregnant Women Are Easily Excited and Achieve Orgasm

During the second trimester, most pregnant women experience a surge in the hormones progesterone and estrogen that increase sexual desire. This is characterized by enlarged breasts and a more sensitive vaginal area.

Launching from Medical News Today, increased blood flow to the genitals can increase the number of orgasms that are stronger in pregnant women. So, don’t hesitate to have sex in the second trimester of pregnancy, because pregnant women are also more easily aroused and often reach orgasm.

  1. Oral Sex While Pregnant

You can still do oral sex during pregnancy, but maybe the sensation you feel will be different from usual. Oral sex during pregnancy feels less enjoyable than usual, instead it causes a little discomfort. Pregnancy hormones contribute to reduced enjoyment of oral sex.

However, remember when doing oral sex, don’t let your husband blow the inside of the vagina, because it can endanger the health of the mother and the fetus. This is because the air that enters the vagina is at risk of entering the blood vessels and causing an embolism. More specifically, mothers and partners can ask the doctor directly about this. Now contacting a doctor can be via the application .

5 Rules for Sex that is Safe While Pregnant

  1. Orgasm Increases in the Morning

Some pregnant women have an easier time having an orgasm after waking up. They can even have orgasms while they are still asleep. Therefore, the morning is the best time to have sex.

  1. Baby Doesn’t Move During Orgasm

After having an orgasm, the mother may feel the baby not moving for a while. This is due to contractions in the uterus that occur when the mother has an orgasm. Therefore, avoid too deep penetration.

  1. Husband So Not Passionate

Do not be offended first if your husband is not excited about having sex when the mother is pregnant. This may be because he is worried that sex will hurt the baby. So, not only because of changes in the mother’s body during pregnancy, but there are times when the husband can experience a decrease in sexual desire.

  1. Find the Right Position

Finding the right sex position is very important when you want to have sex during pregnancy. The missionary position is less suitable when the mother is pregnant. When the pregnancy has entered the final trimester, try a spooning position that is safe for the pregnant woman’s stomach.

In addition, mothers can also try the woman on top position so that they can control the depth of penetration. Reporting from Parents, the position of woman on top or side by side is the safest position for pregnant women.

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  1. Breast Water Leaks

Entering the third trimester of pregnancy, sexual stimulation can cause colostrum fluid to come out of the mother’s breast, making the chest wet. Don’t panic, this is normal. However, if the mother feels uncomfortable with this, avoid having sex for a while.

Those are the facts about sex during pregnancy that you need to know. If the mother has problems related to sexual life, just talk to the doctor via the application . No need to be embarrassed, moms can contact doctors via Video / Voice Call and Chat anytime and anywhere.


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