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8 Foods and Drinks to Avoid Before Sex

, – Sexual activity with a partner is fun to do and clearly brings a lot of benefits, both physically and psychologically. Various things to improve sexual quality continue to be sought and developed, including foods that are believed to increase libido. The types of food suggested are generally able to maintain the circulatory system or are good for heart health in order to maintain stamina.

However, some couples don’t realize that there are foods they should avoid in order to have quality sex. These foods are usually associated with causes of indigestion, or foods that can lower libido.

Want to know what foods and drinks should be avoided when having sex with a partner? Here’s the review!

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1. Know

These foods are a source of phytoestrogens, which are chemical plant hormones that are similar to estrogen and are found in humans. High levels of these phytoestrogens increase estrogen levels, resulting in decreased sexual desire in both men and women. Therefore, you should replace the consumption of tofu with eggs rich in vitamins B5 and B6 to balance libido.

2. Fry

Fried foods such as fried foods also contain lots of saturated (trans) fat. This excess trans fat content can trigger a decrease in testosterone levels, thus inhibiting blood flow to Mr.P. It could be that these foods actually interfere with your sexual activity with your partner.

3. Oatmeal

These foods are high in fiber and are thought to cause bloating and excess gas production in the stomach. So, when you consume oatmeal before having sex, it can reduce sexual arousal and interfere with these romantic activities.

4. Peppermint

Whether in the form of fresh leaves, herbal supplements or essential oils, peppermint is known to have many health benefits. One of them is to freshen the mouth and prevent bad breath.

However, as much as possible you should avoid consuming peppermint before having sex. Peppermint can lower testosterone levels and reduce sexual desire.

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5. Salty Foods

Most people prefer salty foods, because of their addictive nature. Salty foods, such as fried foods or snacks, are high in sodium. This content can interfere with blood flow to the sex organs, so that it can make Mr. P difficult to get an erection during intercourse.

6. Wine

A study conducted by the University of Washington states, consumption of wine before sexual intercourse is also not recommended. The reason is because wine can reduce touch sensitivity and reduce the pleasure of orgasm during intercourse. The study also concluded that men who were not drunk were more likely to sustain erections than men who were drunk.

6. Energy Drink

Many energy drink advertisements claim to increase stamina so they are good to drink before sex. However, this assumption is not entirely correct.

Energy drinks only temporarily energize you. The high levels of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks gradually reduce testosterone levels, thereby affecting sexual activity during sexual intercourse.

7. Soft Drink

Apart from energy drinks, you are also advised not to consume soft drinks before having sex. The reason is, this type of drink can make your stomach bloated and uncomfortable, so that it triggers you to burp or hiccup. This can disturb you and your partner when having sex.

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That is food and drink that can interfere with your sexual activity with your partner. Instead, launching from Healthline , a diet consisting of nuts, fish with high omega-3 fatty acids, fruit, and green vegetables is a recommended food to improve your sexual performance.

However, if you still want to know more tips for improving the quality of intimate relationships, don’t hesitate to ask the doctor via chat . The doctor will always be ready to provide advice for your health, anytime and anywhere.


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