7 things that happen to the body during intimate relationships

, – Do you know if what happens to the body during intercourse can provide information about your health condition? According to Lauren Streicher, MD, professor of gynecology at Feinberg School of Medicine, “There are many organs and systems involved in sexual function and you need them to work properly for intercourse to work well.”

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Knowing what happens to the body during sex may not seem so important if you enjoy it with your partner. But if something happens to the body, knowing the body’s reaction during intercourse can later help to overcome health problems that may arise. Well, here is what happens to the body during intercourse:

1. Busy Brain Chemicals & Hormones
According to Lauren Streicher, libido begins in the brain. Since the brain does not produce either estrogen or testosterone, stimulation for these hormones is activated in the brain. The pleasure experienced by women during intercourse starts from the shoulders up, while men start from the waist down. This is the reason why mixed thoughts like depression, stress or even thinking about work can put you in a bad mood.

There are three hormones that make adrenaline increase during sex, namely estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. During and after sex, endorphins, or brain chemicals, increase, making you feel happy, relaxed, and sometimes less painful.

2. Heart palpitations
When you feel happy, people will become more physically active and the body needs blood in certain areas during intercourse. For that, naturally the heart rate chooses to pump blood throughout the body with a focus on genitals. The way a person breathes will also increase, which helps the heart to regulate the blood flow it needs. According to obstetrician Sherry A. Ross, MD, who is also the author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health , this kind of intimate relationship has almost the same effect as exercise.

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3. Dilated Blood Vessels
Reporting from the Health page site, when the couple has intercourse, in fact the blood vessels in the body will widen. According to urologist and sexual health expert, Jennifer Berman, MD, generally the blood vessels of the vulva and clitoris will become enlarged which causes secretions and lubrication for women. However, there are several conditions that cause women to experience dry vaginal discharge, such as lack of foreplay before intercourse, stress, new birth, nursing mothers, and having health problems. Don’t hesitate to ask the doctor at the nearest hospital for handling dry vaginal problems.

4. Reddened Skin
Dilated blood vessels also indicate the amount of blood flowing under the skin. This is the reason why the skin becomes red and the body feels warmer. According to Health, the face will also turn red when the blood vessels widen.

5. Muscle Contraction
During intercourse, the pelvic floor muscles , abdomen, and calves will contract. According to Lauren, these contractions are the body’s response that occurs before the feeling of relaxation that occurs during orgasm. Of course this is a natural thing and can be felt by you when having sex.

6. Reactions to Female Genitalia
Having intercourse generally will cause a reaction in the female genitals which is caused by a heavy flow of blood in the genital area. This flowing blood flow not only stimulates the production of lubrication, but also causes the labia and clitoris to swell. This vaginal reaction can also occur if there is physical stimulation in this area, says Lauren Streicher.

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7. Swollen breasts
Blood flow during intercourse will be smoother. This will cause the breasts to become temporarily enlarged and more sensitive. Even the nipples will appear more prominent and this is a natural thing to happen. According to The Guardian’s web page, not only will a woman’s breasts appear temporarily enlarged, but changes also occur in the nipples that become protruding and hardened.

Talking about your sexual health problems is very important not only for your partner in order to achieve the desired satisfaction. And it never hurts to discuss with the doctor about sexual health and intercourse with the right specialist.

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