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7 Surefire Ways Not To Get Sexual Diseases

– Do you want to know how many cases of sexually transmitted infections occur each day? Do not be surprised, according to data reported by WHO, there are at least 1 million cases of sexual transmission of infections every day. Make you nervous, right? So, in order to avoid various sexually transmitted diseases, let’s take a look at the tips according to the experts below:

1 . Say “No” for casual sex

Perpetrators of free sex must be prepared to face various risks of sexual diseases. Starting from HIV , syphilis, gonorrhea (gonorrhea), to genital herpes. But what is worrying is that the sex offender who has been infected can be a person who transmits venereal disease to others.

Free sex itself has various definitions in accordance with the norms and rules that apply in society. One of them is having sexual relations without being married and done with many people.

There is no need to argue about this one again. The reason is, various studies have proven that having sex with several people can increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Use a condom

According to obstetricians and gynecologists, consistent use of condoms is very effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, for those who are sexually active and often have multiple partners. Although sometimes it cannot completely prevent sexual diseases, this contraceptive is very effective if used properly.

3. Faithful with One Partner

Being loyal to one partner is not only good for the happiness of your life. This loyalty can also prevent you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases, you know. Therefore, make sure your partner only has sex with you. Not only that, before having regular intercourse, there is nothing wrong with getting checked out to make sure no one is infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Fortify Yourself with Vaccines

According to experts, some sexual diseases can be prevented by giving adult vaccinations. For example, hepatitis B, genital warts, and cervical cancer caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The HPV vaccination is actually recommended for girls aged 9-13 years. However, women under 26 years who have not been vaccinated are also advised to do so immediately.

5. Do not have sex with an infected partner

When your partner is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, such as syphilis or gonorrhea, avoid having sex with him / her. We recommend that you do treatment first to the doctor until the disease is completely cured. Usually the doctor will advise you when to return to sex with your partner when things are safe. In other words, no matter how loving you are with your partner, you should first postpone this activity until it is completely recovered.

6. Avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs

According to experts, avoiding alcohol and drug consumption before sex can minimize the risk of sexual disease, you know. The reason is, when you or your partner get drunk due to alcohol and drugs, it is possible that you will not be able to think healthily. For example, not using condoms properly as protection.

Not only that, according to research on drug use, especially injecting drugs, is closely related to an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Male Circumcision

This one thing is proven to cut the risk of men getting HIV from sexual intercourse by as much as 60 percent. Not only that, said circumcision experts it can also help to prevent transmission of herpes and HPV infection as part of sexually transmitted diseases.

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