7 Herbal Plants Claimed to Prevent Corona

– Even though the government has issued guidelines for the prevention and control of the corona virus , in fact there are still many people who are looking for other alternatives to protect the body from the virus. One way that is often sought after is herbal plants.

New Habits Predicted to Appear because of Corona

Herbal plants themselves are plants or plants that have more value in medicine. In terms of preventing the corona virus, herbal plants act as boosters of the body’s immune system. So far, there are several plants that are believed to be able to increase the body’s immune system to fight infection.

  • Moringa Leaves

The content of amino acids and antioxidants in it makes Moringa leaves believed to be able to increase the body’s immune system. Not only that, the antioxidants and low calories in Moringa leaves are believed to be able to inhibit the development of microorganisms or disease-causing pathogens in the body.

  • Red ginger

Apart from being effective in relieving the throat and respiratory system, some of the ingredients in red ginger are claimed to be effective in helping to strengthen the immune system. This herbal plant contains the active compound gingerol which can prevent the corona virus.

  • Curcuma

Temulawak at a glance has an appearance similar to turmeric. Not only its appearance, ginger also has the same role as turmeric in warding off free radicals in the body. With a high antioxidant content in it, consuming this one herbal plant regularly can prevent the body from being attacked by viruses and other diseases.

  • Galangal

Kencur is a herbal plant that is useful for strengthening the immune system. Almost the same as ginger, kencur is also able to help the respiratory system to perform its functions properly. In this regard, kencur works by increasing spleen and peritoneal cells which function to increase immunity in the body.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a herbal plant that is often used as a natural coloring agent. With its distinctive yellow appearance, turmeric is high in antioxidants and the curcumin in turmeric can increase endurance to help prevent the corona virus.

  • Clove

Cloves are believed to be herbal plants that have a million benefits. Apart from being often used as a spice to complement dishes, cloves are also able to help boost the immune system. The flower buds in cloves are said to contain compounds that can increase the number of blood cells and are effective in cleaning out harmful toxins in the body.

  • Black Cumin

The last herb is black cumin, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in it. Besides being able to reduce inflammation in the body, black cumin is also useful for boosting the immune system.

Nicotine Researched Against Corona

What Did the Doctor Say?

Reporting from the FKUI website in research related to the search for COVID-19 antivirals, based on the results of screening the activity of hundreds of proteins and thousands of herbal compounds related to the working mechanism of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, there are several compounds that have the potential to inhibit and prevent the corona virus in herbal plants.

These compounds include hesperidin, rhamnetin, kaempferol, quercetin, and myricetin. So far, these findings are the result of preliminary research which should be investigated further. As with medicines from doctors, herbal ingredients that are consumed can also cause allergic reactions in some people, although in rare cases.

Long-term Effects of COVID-19 Infection on the Heart

Apart from being allergic to the ingredients in herbal ingredients, allergic reactions also arise when you take them together with other medicines. To prevent this from happening, you can discuss it directly with an expert doctor in the application related to these problems.


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