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7 Benefits of Using a Condom for Health

– Use of condoms during intimate intercourse is highly recommended. Regardless of taste and preference, in fact, condom use is very good for health. Even so, some men are still reluctant to use condoms because they are believed to reduce pleasure.

The Myth of Using the Wrong Condom

In addition, some people find it troublesome to wear it. While there are still many women who are still shy about asking their partners to use condoms. So that you understand how important it is to use a condom when having sex, here are 7 health benefits.

  1. Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy

If inserted properly, the use of condoms can at least reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 98 percent. This means, only 2 out of 100 people who may become pregnant after having sex using a condom. However, if the fitting is less than perfect, the effectiveness drops to 85 percent.

Condoms, however, can even help other birth control methods work more effectively. No method is 100 percent effective for preventing pregnancy. So it’s a good idea to add a condom for extra protection. You can add condoms to almost any other method of contraception, such as birth control pills, ring injections, IUDs, and implants.

Male or female condom, which one to choose?

  1. Prevent HIV Transmission

The HIV virus can easily spread through unprotected sex because it is transmitted through genitalia. Using a condom can prevent you from spreading or getting this virus.

  1. Extend the Duration of Intimate Relationships

Protection is important, but satisfaction is also important. According to research, condoms can actually help improve the quality of your sex life and that of your partner by extending the duration of intimate relationships, you know.

Condoms have many styles, shapes. and varying textures that can increase the sensation of sex for both partners. And asking your partner to put a condom on his Mr. P can be a sexy part of foreplay, especially if you add lubricant too. Condoms can even delay ejaculation ( cumming ), so that sex lasts longer.

You can use condoms for oral, anal, and vaginal sex. The benefits of condoms can make you focus on the pleasure and satisfaction of having sex with your partner without worrying about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

  1. Maintain Erection

Condoms are also useful for men who have erectile difficulties or erectile dysfunction. By using a condom, an erection can be maintained longer.

  1. Prevent Injuries

The amount of lubricant in the condom makes the risk of injury during intercourse very low.

Using lubricants for smooth sex, is it safe?

  1. Hygienic

One of the reasons why intercourse needs to use a condom is that it is healthier and more hygienic. The benefits of using condoms are making intercourse cleaner and safer.

In addition, using a condom means preventing transmission of STDs, such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, herpes, syphilis, and others.

  1. The price is affordable and easy to get

You can find condoms very easily in various stores, online , and at health centers. In addition, the price is not expensive and can be obtained without using a recipe or identity. So, you could say that a condom is a practical and affordable protection tool, but can provide great protection for you from pregnancy and STDs.

Tips for Effectively Using Condoms

As previously explained, the benefits of condoms above can only be obtained optimally if you use condoms correctly. Therefore, pay attention to the following condom use tips for effective protection:

  • Make sure you or your partner use the condom correctly, according to the instructions for use on the package.

  • Never reuse a condom that has been used before.

  • Do not use male and female condoms at the same time. This can damage the condom and reduce its effectiveness.

  • Do not use oil-based lubricants and drugs with latex condoms.

Hopefully by reading this article, you will understand more about the benefits of using condoms. You can ask your doctor about the benefits of condoms for health in the application via Voice / Video Call and Chat anytime and anywhere. Come on, download it on the App Store or Google Play right now!

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