6 Ways to Increase Sexual Desire

, – A husband and wife are encouraged to have regular intimate relationships, because this sexual activity is a way to maintain harmony and intimacy in the relationship. However, what happens if sexual desire decreases or even disappears? This condition does not only occur in couples who have been married for a long time, but can also be felt by newly married couples, you know. Decreased sexual desire can lead to reduced partner intimacy. So, don’t let it go, this is how to increase sexual arousal.

1. Check your birth control pills and the medicines you take

Sexual arousal is influenced by hormones acting on the body. Well, certain types of drugs can affect hormones, causing decreased sexual desire. One of them is the birth control pill that is often consumed by women to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, talk to your doctor about the medicines you take. Doctors can reduce the dose or change the type of drug with another so that your sexual desire can increase again.

2. Take More Time to Be Together

Try to remember again, when was the last time you spent time together with your partner? One of the things that can cause decreased sexual desire is a lack of quality time with your partner. This usually happens to couples who are both busy working. So, the solution is to spend more time alone. You and your partner can take advantage of the weekend to watch a movie at the cinema, sports, or have a romantic dinner to restore the romance between you. Build a romantic atmosphere, so that when you come home, you and your partner are more passionate about having sex.

3. Hugging

You don’t need to think about ways that are too difficult to increase intimacy with your partner. You and Si He only need to hug on the sofa when watching television. Hugging for at least 20 seconds is known to increase levels of the hormone oxytocin in men and women, thus making you and your partner feel closer and intimate.

4. Schedule Intimate Relationships

Even though you and your partner are both busy, try to make love regularly. Determine how many times a week and days you and your partner can have sex.

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5. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Frequent eating of foods such as fried foods, fatty foods, and whole milk products can cause cholesterol buildup in the heart arteries which obstructs blood flow. This condition can reduce sexual desire, and even cause sexual dysfunction such as impotence.

So, you are advised to maintain a healthy diet by eating nutritious foods to increase arousal. Some of the recommended foods are foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Foods that contain CoQ10 and lycopene can also help increase libido. As for women, foods such as chocolate, chilies, watermelon, strawberries and oranges are good for consumption to increase sexual arousal. ( 7 Foods That Can Increase Sexual Passion, You Know! )

6. Exercise

Besides nourishing the body, exercise can also increase sexual arousal, you know. Exercising with your partner can also create romantic moments. Choose the type of sport that you and Si He both like, such as jogging together, acroyoga, hiking together, and so on.

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