6 Tips to Resist the Desire for Intimate Relationships

, –Not always the desire to have sex with a partner must be resolved. There are times when you have to hold back the desire for intimate relationships because of situations that do not allow. It could be because the couple is in a remote location or as they are currently fasting.

Actually, holding back the urge to have sex is not as difficult as you might think. Here are tips to resist the urge to have sex that you need to know:

  1. Avoid “Lead” Conversations

Sometimes desire can arise because of opportunity and tit for tat. Desire can be sparked from “lead” conversations. Initially, you could just send a miss message or your partner commented on the last intimate relationship you had. Therefore, sprinkled with the desire to repeat the same pleasures. Now, because it is currently forbidden to do so, it is better to avoid this exciting conversation. ( Also Read: Fasting Can Increase Fertility)

  1. Get busy

Another way to hold back the urge to have sex is to keep busy. Try to focus on the work that is being done right now. After all, in the morning you should think about work and nothing else. When a seductive shadow comes, brush it off immediately. Don’t even let it be, dreamed of, even triggering the desire to have sex.

  1. Minimize Physical Contact

In order to resist the urge to have sex, avoid excessive physical contact with your partner. Besides, I am fasting too, what are you doing with your partner. There may be feelings and desires to complete what had been in the shadow. Touch your partner only as needed. You have had the right time and opportunity to have sex and now is not the right time. This must be realized and remembered. (  How Safe Is Fingering In Intimate Relationships)

  1. Dress Appropriately

Sometimes the desire to have sex comes from the way you dress. Don’t let your partner be seduced by the clothes you wear. Because now being “forbidden” to have sex, it’s good for your faith together, avoid wearing clothes that make the mind wander until you finally become horny and want to finish what needs to be done.

  1. Avoid Excessive Joking

Sometimes again, from exaggerated jokes, especially those that smell like slushy, make the desire to have sex appear suddenly. If you already know that your character is easily provoked by situations and words, avoid jokes that make you easy to “react”. Just joke as necessary, don’t get carried away. If it is excessive and it seems that it leads to intimate relationships, you should stop immediately.

There is a time to continue the joke and not now. Can you take it for granted, if your partner considers it different and from your own partner the desire to be like one arises? So just avoid it, don’t try to fish in the cloudy water. (  The 10 Most Common Mistakes on Condom Installation)

  1. Fill in activities with something religious

Another way to resist the urge to have sex is to fill your daily activities with something religious. Starting from religious songs, reading holy books, listening to preaching, doing good with the people closest to them, as well as things that are religious in nature that can divert your mind from nasty thoughts.

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