6 Tips to Make Intimate Relationships Not Boring

, – For couples who have been married for a long time, there are times when sex becomes boring. The reason is that it could be due to lack of enthusiasm when doing it, not a few married couples who choose not to have sex for a long time.

In fact, having sex regularly is necessary for the health of the marriage relationship. It is not uncommon to find cases of infidelity because of intimate relationship problems or desires that can no longer be channeled. So, how to make intimate relationships no longer boring, try the following tips!

  1. Change Time and Place

Sexual activity without variation will certainly feel monotonous and boring. So, try to vary the time and place when having sex. Reporting from the Huffington Post , nothing is more fun than a vacation, including a vacation for sex.

You don’t have to travel, you can also make a few changes to the bedroom atmosphere. Usually, a new environment will bring you a better mood and be less boring. So, you and your partner can also explore many new styles when making love.

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  1. Quickie

Try to do occasional sexual activity that is fast, without foreplay and done for a short time, or called a quickie . Make no mistake, doing a quickie can get your adrenaline pumping and keep you thinking about your partner throughout the day.

The Health page writes, a quick intimate relationship or quickie is fantastic because it is spontaneous and builds joy, two things that couples really need in maintaining a long-term relationship. Of course, you will get new experiences that you may not forget afterwards and want to try again.

  1. Do it stealth

For ways to make sex more challenging, try doing it secretly from time to time, such as in the toilet when you are visiting your parents’ house. As with a quickie , this method will make your heart beat faster and your adrenaline rushes, certainly increasing your desire and passion for you and your partner.

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  1. Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Apparently, having sex can be more fun if you do it at certain moments. Create a romantic atmosphere before starting, such as having dinner at your favorite restaurant and your partner, watching your favorite movie, to chatting about your days when you were dating.

  1. Repeat New Bride Period

You and your partner can also repeat intimate times as a newlywed couple to build emotional closeness and arouse the desire to have sex. This rebuilds a deep feeling of love between you and your partner, reminiscing about the happiest times in both of your lives, including the first night.

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  1. Role Playing

A study published in the Public Library of Science revealed that as many as 22 percent of couples try to role-play to revive the passion for sex. If you and your partner are both open to trying it, role playing can build communication and increase the desire to have sex.

If you have difficulty maintaining intimacy with your partner because of intimate relationships, there is nothing wrong with asking the right expert.

Using the application , you can chat with a psychologist whenever you have a complaint and need a solution. In fact, you can also go to the hospital more easily using an application , you know!



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