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6 Tips for Safe Positions to Have Relationship During Older Pregnancy

Halodo c , – During pregnancy, you and your partner may be confused and worried about whether sex is safe to do while pregnant. Having sex during pregnancy is actually safe to do as long as you and your partner are still comfortable doing it.

However, the problem that can arise is that the usual intercourse position can no longer be done, when the pregnancy is in its final trimester. This is natural, considering that a large stomach makes intercourse sometimes uncomfortable and filled with anxiety.

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Safe Position Having Sex During Older Pregnancy

Like it or not, you and your partner must change sexual positions that are safe to do during late pregnancy. Launching from Healthline, here are the positions of intimate relationships that you and your partner can practice when you are pregnant.

1. Side by Side

Side by side position is done with the husband and wife lying side by side and facing each other. After that, you can hang your left leg over your husband’s body. Apart from being safe for pregnant women, this position increases intimacy with your partner because it allows you and your husband to face each other.

2. Edge of the Bed

E dge of the bed is an intercourse position that is carried out on the edge of the bed. Basically, this position is almost the same as the classical missionary. The difference is, the husband knelt on the edge of the bed. This position is safe to do when the stomach is very large. The edge of the bed position provides full comfort and avoids pressure on the stomach. So that your husband also feels comfortable, provide a pillow for the feet to rest on.

3. Woman O n Top

This position can be the most appropriate position when pregnant. Because, you can organize intimate relationship activities to feel more comfortable. If you are too tired to ‘lead’ the movement, ask your husband to move his hips while you hold on to his legs.

4. Spoon

This position is like spooning and is most comfortable for pregnant women to do, especially when pregnant in the third trimester. In this position, you can sideways and lean over your stomach on the mattress. Meanwhile your husband will snuggle up around you. Place a few pillows on one leg to avoid squeezing the stomach and making it easier to penetrate.

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5. Reverse Cowgirl

As the name implies, this position is like riding a horse, which is done by sitting on the body of the lying partner, with the back facing the partner’s face. In this position, the enlarged abdomen is supported by the thighs, while the back can also be supported by both hands.

6. On The Chair

Chairs can be used as a comfortable medium and intercourse can be even more intense. Let the husband sit on the chair, then the wife sits on the husband’s lap. When doing this position, you can embrace your husband tightly. Position the chair so that it is near a wall or other object that can be used to help you get up and get up on your husband’s lap.

It is important to remember that having sex during late pregnancy must begin with good communication accompanied by awareness to understand each other. Communication with doctors through applications about having sex during late pregnancy is also necessary. This is so that the quality of the relationship is maintained, and the fetus in the womb is also protected from danger and is born perfectly.

Alert Against Risk

Also make sure you have regular pregnancy checkups with your obstetrician before having intercourse during late pregnancy. That way, you and your partner can find out whether the pregnancy is in good health and make sure it is safe to continue having sex. This is to avoid dangerous risks when having sex.

You and your husband should also control sexual desire. Ask your husband not to penetrate too fast or too deep. Usually, women who are pregnant are not comfortable with deep penetration.

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If there is bleeding from the vagina of the pregnant woman, rupture of the membranes, or other problems during or during intercourse during pregnancy, consult a doctor immediately. Before visiting the hospital, now you can book a doctor’s appointment via the app. Just choose the doctor in the right hospital according to your needs via the application.


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